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...then again it's not mine! So if you like it, that's all that truly matters.
+1 for creativity! I'm not sure how I feel about it... I like the patterning but I think I might struggle with alignment.
That's great. Don't give up and try to get some of the basic mechanics down. Don't forget your lessons!! ;)
I see I'm not up to the great standard of some folks .... lol. I drive about 200 - 225 with my longest being about 240.
I've got two pairs of Costa Del Mars (Blue Mirrored) that I love. I wear them nearly everywhere...
I'd definitely recommend bananas, some sort of protein (I like sunflower seeds and they come in a lower sodium variety), and PowerAde or Gatorade, both of which have chemicals which you perspire. Be careful in this heat!
Welcome, I am in the Memphis area!
Glad to hear. Hopefully he doesn't withdraw...   And, like, motteler said, I'd love to see him come out and just absolutely dominate!
http://espn.go.com/new-york/mlb/story/_/id/6765849/companies-line-help-new-york-yankees-fan-christian-lopez   He got quite a bit more than what I have previously heard... Plus, I heard that the Yanks may be shelling out to help him pay the taxes... What a great team! :)    
Well... I ordered a set of Nike VR Full Cavity irons. Got em for $200 4-AW. I'm pretty pumped.
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