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Well i think where it all goes wrong is they claim there best shots to be average. I'm a decent ball striker but if i hit a PW 160 most likely i hit it thin.
I don't think there will be such a domination as Tiger and Phil had in those years. There are plenty more great players out there now. You really do the rest off the  field short by thinking this way. Spieth was in contention at the Masters but Rory wasn't. I can easy name 10 who can win the next major.
Don't know about you guys but i can feel pretty good where the ball came on the clubface. and what went wrong in the swing if i get a bad shot.
Just try them and than make your choice. as i'm a mizuno fan i would go for the mizuno's . Maybe the pro version is a better fit for you. but again get fitted it will save you some strokes. On the other hand after that you can't blame the clubs
last weekend i hit 11 greens. Iron play was sharp. That's why i won the matchplay 4-3 lost the first than took 5 holes straight
Well looking at your swing speed you hit the ball long enough to play a softer (feel) ball But with that it is good to know your carry distances with your irons. When playing a softer ball it will stop faster on the greens. I'm currently playing the Taylormade TP 5 ball, i didn't find a better ball for my personal preference.   Other balls you must look into:   Wilson FG Tour ( good ball for good price ) Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1 X  Bridgestone B330 ( not my...
Always the best solution go to a pro. 
What you are talking about you get better contact with the feet together. It sounds to me you don't rotate the hips but slide the hips ( sway ) on the backswing. This causes huge inconsistency. You can start by taking your normal setup and than turn your knees out, you will feel more stable and the sway will be a lot less.   You should feel that on top off the backswing your weight is on the inside off your right foot.   hope this will help you. 
Last sunday was one of those days you know why you play mizuno.  All my irons where straight from the middle, and we all know that there isn't a better feeling than a well struck mizuno iron.    I was thinking of trading in my MP59's for JPX 825 pro irons, but after these rounds well i prefer my MP59.
Yesterday first competition day for me. Could not play the first day. We start the day off with a Foursome matchplay over 18 holes. At first i was a little off with my drives so we were 2 down after 9. Than i started playing very decent golf. hole 10 a par 3 with water right big bunker front and side left. About 170 yards long. Pin position back left with a wind came from front right. I hit a knock doen 6 iron to about 6 feet and my mate holed for birdie. We halved...
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