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After a first rond level par. ( complains about the greens ) he just finished his second round -5. ending with 3 straight birdies. The round included 2 bogeys also About the greens all the players have something to say about them....... 
Likes: Tiger Woods --> got to love the effort he makes to come back Rory Mc Ilroy --> i just love his swing rhythm  Ricky Fowler --> just a nice guy    dislikes: Sergio Garcia --> seems he doesn't like to be on the course Keegan Bradley --> can't stand him  Jason Dufner --> that pre shot routine.....
Good start from Joost today 5 holes played 5 GIR 2 birdies 3 tap in pars
again some good stuff tee to green but didn't make the putts at the right moment. lets hope for the best
Slowly basically. When my playing partner takes more than 3 practice swings .........
Guess i played about a 100 courses. Most in Netherlands, because i play in club competition i'm guaranteed to play at least 4 different courses a year. I played 3 courses in Dalles Texas only time in the states. 6 in the UK Fance 5 Spain 19 Germany 12 Belgium 4
agree on that
whow. way to much for me.  But than i'm from The Netherlands i wouldn't carry a red white blue bag also. i've got a cobra carry bag just because the stand system is the best and easiest to use.
Great win by Joost, it again shows you have won the match after the last putt is made. Seems like Na thought he had won after holing the birdie on 16.  Interesting to see how Joost develops after this win, it sure is a huge confident builder  to win a match this way.
All i can say is just don't pressure yourself what i read is you try to hard, just enjoy yourself more on the course and don't try to focus  on scoring. 
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