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If i'm not walking my muscles get cold and stiff, so i rather play walking.
Well i'm not a Ping fan at all. I get sick just by looking at an iron. ( woods are ok tho ) I currently play Mizuno MP 59. this is my second set off irons from mizuno. I can honestly say there is not a better iron than a mizuno iron. I'm about to trade them for the more forgiving JPX EZ Forged maybe this is a good pick for you also.
Well i'm not sure about this one. I think we have to see how he comes back in his next tournament. We all forget how he did last year. Went from place 50 all the way to 1. in how many tournaments???? 5 starts or something  if he can that form of play i will see him beat jacks record.
I like where this tread is going!  Near my home town we have a small 9 hole course. no.6 is a par 4 367 yards dog leg right. tree's down the right and  you can guess the parking. with a good drive you can go over the  trees straight to the green, i think i broke a window ones. 
Flipping your wrist just before impact. also known as fast hands. If i do this tho i get massive hooks. It also can be as simple as a wrong shaft! I used to play Dynamic Gold R300's and i was ballooning them. Had serious doubts of going to the KBS C- Tapers but found them to hard to hit. I know have the KBS Tour Stiff+ and my ball flight is a lot more penetrating!   You can also look at your clubhead. A game improvement iron is designed to help the ball up in the...
Well i think where it all goes wrong is they claim there best shots to be average. I'm a decent ball striker but if i hit a PW 160 most likely i hit it thin.
I don't think there will be such a domination as Tiger and Phil had in those years. There are plenty more great players out there now. You really do the rest off the  field short by thinking this way. Spieth was in contention at the Masters but Rory wasn't. I can easy name 10 who can win the next major.
Don't know about you guys but i can feel pretty good where the ball came on the clubface. and what went wrong in the swing if i get a bad shot.
Just try them and than make your choice. as i'm a mizuno fan i would go for the mizuno's . Maybe the pro version is a better fit for you. but again get fitted it will save you some strokes. On the other hand after that you can't blame the clubs
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