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Well if the guy was walking with them and he took the club out off the bag, you could say he gave the advice to play that club. If he loses his grip and the club flies in the crowd he basically made the club selection already. think you should see it in this way
I can't believe he and his caddie didn't know this rule. it's just sick he took that divot out off the green
I've got the slim 3.0 on my Taylormade ghost 770 and i still can't putt. played 9 yesterday. had 15 putts. the round included a chip in at the first.
think rory will still be in the lead at -8. tiger to follow on -6 with Matteo
Does this mean that Tiger is back??? That was one solid round off golf there specially the back 9
go rory
Kind off the thing we all wait for to happen
whow 4 players in my team in top 10. 2 on top. 
Rory makes it look easy also. i just love his swing tempo
yep, at work watching livestream
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