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Do the same thing every time. So you should have a good pre shor routine. it will pay off at some point. But you will never ever hit all your drives good and all your irons 
Molinari going well also, Started at 10 with bogey than par on 11, then 4 birds in a row he's now 3rd at -7. luiten bogey on 9 now on -6
We see Joost Luiten play with 2 gloves with high temperatures. He did also when he won hes first European Tour event back in 2011.
guess Lafeber has his most holes played also. 
when on the range do you pick a target to hit to or are you just trying to hit it straight. I can Highly recommend you to pick targets when on the range. because on the course a straight shot can end up in trouble.   It also lets you focus more on the shot
so current standings:   1. Larrazábal  -10 2. Wattel  -8 3. Uilein -6   followed by a hole bunch off players at -5 Joost Luiten also in that group after 5 pars so far.
You must be sick gaming irons like those with a 20+ handicap
There is something serious going wrong here. I see lots off people say i tried a better ball but it did not help me.   You need to ask yourself the question what will be a good ball for your game. A better players (softer) ball is not always the best option.   I play Wilson FG Tours or Taylormade TP5. Because i want stop control, i'm not hitting huge backspin and i don't want to, but if i hit a 7I to a green i will know that it will end up within 5 feet of it's pitch...
En dan ga ik volgende week die andere geweldige baan op. de Rozendaelsche
Ja ik ga Zondag.  Vorig jaar meegelopen met Simon Dyson. ik wil matteo graag zien.
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