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well as a Dutchie we love Football. so is my son. I train the team. My son is next to the goalkeeper on the right. it's me on the left. love it.
Just take a pencil and hold it between your tooth. point the tip at your ball and than make the stroke and try to keep the tip pointing down to the ground
I think what you can try is just to bump n' run those shots like with a 6 or 5 iron. if you skull them they go about the same distance. you will get more up and downs and you will be more confident and will be able to hit those wedges also
congrats on you purchase. Let us know how you hit them. ( when you finally get them ) Well i've i bring my chipping club to the green i always put it on the flagstick when it's on the ground that way i don't forget it. just a tip
trackman is your friend here. But if your not losing distance i think your fine. hit it hard hit it high because there no bunkers in the sky.
I wish i bought the 825 forged ones. I game the MP 59's now but well i'm not playing as much as i'm used to, so i can use a little more help at the moment. Those 850 forged ones look great to me also. might just have a hit with them.  If your searching for a good deal you might find the 825 forged ones for a good price now. If we believe mark crosfield ( mr mizuno ) they hit rather the same.
He will be playing more in the USA for 2015 season am i right?
Well people tent to get offensive when they get their ass kicked. The guy who did teach me the game always told me just let your golf do the talking.
Well i like to believe so, but i don't think i hit it any further than i did with my first driver. however i do think technology helped me with flight control, and i hit it straighter now.
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