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think rory will still be in the lead at -8. tiger to follow on -6 with Matteo
Does this mean that Tiger is back??? That was one solid round off golf there specially the back 9
go rory
Kind off the thing we all wait for to happen
whow 4 players in my team in top 10. 2 on top. 
Rory makes it look easy also. i just love his swing tempo
yep, at work watching livestream
not sure about the sexy part, but some he makes it look easy again
Whow tiger -1 got to love this man.
Well i play a parkland course fairways are tight and loads off trees there, be off the fairway and you most likely have to chip out. But this is my home course, i play more park courses nearby and those are easier to play. But because i play parkland courses most of the time, i think Links is more difficult to play, I find it hard to hit the right distances on links courses. and heavy rough is not my favorite also.
New Posts  All Forums: