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I ones hit a PW to a par 5, on a golf course in spain hole 4 off El Higueral in Benahavis. 468 meters It's a fairly straight par 5 bends just slightly right.  first 250 yards is flat after that it slopes about 10 yards down hill, i knew if i could land it somewhere on that downhill slope i would get massive distance. Well not only did i crush that drive it ended up only 118 yards off the green.
Not a fan off Ping clubs, i think you just buy those who feel good for you. but make sure you got the right shafts. And i'm not aware of ping having an iron for a 9-scratch handicapper. That range should be wider in their range of irons. between 9 and scratch i think is a full blade iron, ping doesn't make these.
Rydercup 2016 García and i Vs Dufner and spieth
If you find that ball please let me know
Need i say more. My Brother had a rally tournament last weekend. Ended up in 5th place.  In a for the Netherlands brand new Ford Fiesta R5.
This was actually last friday, I was pulling the driver all day so ended up left way to often. Next to the fairway's was heath. Came at the par 5 15th dogleg right with trees guarding the green. my drive ended up on the left and i had to chip out. i was on the fairway playing my third shot. i still had 235 yards to a higher green. I took my 2 hybrid and nailed it. It ended up just 8 feet from the cup and made my birdie putt. scrambled my way true the round saving par a...
Do the same thing every time. So you should have a good pre shor routine. it will pay off at some point. But you will never ever hit all your drives good and all your irons 
Molinari going well also, Started at 10 with bogey than par on 11, then 4 birds in a row he's now 3rd at -7. luiten bogey on 9 now on -6
We see Joost Luiten play with 2 gloves with high temperatures. He did also when he won hes first European Tour event back in 2011.
guess Lafeber has his most holes played also. 
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