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Driver: left heel 3wd : rather the same just inside left heel long irons just a little more inside about half a ball i move the ball a little more to the middle on every iron. my wedges will be just left of center. 
Well this is my type off game really. they call me mr. Scramble for a reason hehe. My last round a dog leg left par 5. my tee shot hooked in the left hand trees. from there i wanted to hit a punch to about 100 yards but over hit my shot and ended up in the right trees. the flag was stuck front right just behind a deep bunker. From where i was there was no option to reach the green, to get the bunker out off play i thought to lay up past the bunker short of the green....
The old head cover drill might help here. Place a head cover under your RIGHT arm. and keep it there on the backswing.  If you bent the left arm your to far away from the body and with that your right arm also. Keep the head cover in place ( it may fall down on the down swing ) and your plane will be better
I think what happend is this. By flattening the swing. Your take away is to much on the inside  coming back at the ball you can be blocked by your hipps and the only thing you basically can do is flick the wrists to make contact with the ball. In most cases this is with a closed clubface  there is is your big hook. Same thing happend to me, i try to focus on a wide (maybe little outside ) takeaway and on the end i try to point my left handpalm to the target. I...
Well you should ask yourself what part does need the most practice. If you play the course keep a scorecard and just write down.   Fairway hit y/n green hit y/n bunker up/own y/n putts when GIR putts after missed green  chips within 5 feet bunkers within 6 feet   if you keep these for  a few weeks you get a good mixture off data, and you can see what part does need work the most.   It's to easy to just say a part you need to work on, it's rather personal. As...
well as a Dutchie we love Football. so is my son. I train the team. My son is next to the goalkeeper on the right. it's me on the left. love it.
Just take a pencil and hold it between your tooth. point the tip at your ball and than make the stroke and try to keep the tip pointing down to the ground
I think what you can try is just to bump n' run those shots like with a 6 or 5 iron. if you skull them they go about the same distance. you will get more up and downs and you will be more confident and will be able to hit those wedges also
congrats on you purchase. Let us know how you hit them. ( when you finally get them ) Well i've i bring my chipping club to the green i always put it on the flagstick when it's on the ground that way i don't forget it. just a tip
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