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A grandslam for sure, it takes 4 different courses over the season.
I really hope Sergio does it. But think Oosthuizen will win it
Teeshot on number 10 Los Arqueros Benahavis Spain. 
  These where taken at the golfcourse on the Netherlands Island Texel. The caddy book on the first picture said, aim for the lighthouse, the weather was so bad we couldn't see it. On day 2 it was much brighter
don't go there unless your Bubba Watson.
He had decent chances yesterday, he was within 10 feet 6-7 times. you can't make them all but at least he should have made 3 off them. 36 putts is just way way to many, look at the stats off Speith same amount off GIR's but 9 putts less, and 7 strokes better score
did it really snap or did the shaft just came loose off the head? hard to tell on the picture. Otherwise it is clearly not the head or mizuno to blame but KBS. personally i never had this, i'm a mizuno player for many years now.   it sucks tho that you lost the head.
69 on a par 70. easy course. had 4 birdies and 3 bogeys. it was a practice round on a friday afternoon for competition that next sunday. with 3 of my team mates
last week he opened with a +1 round and ended up in 4th place, so take it easy ok! right now +2 for his round not looking good at all. fingers crossed
Holmes an Palmer out.Lois Oosthuisen and Brandon Grace in. Interesting pick on Fleetwood he has a huge record on that course.... if he will be able to handle it under this pressure??? lets see, looking forward to it for sure. What about Tiger will he make it into the top 10 or will he miss cut???
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