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finding time to play
A good drill is the old head cover drill. Put a head cover under your right arm and keep it there. It may fall down after you hit the golfball, swing the club outside in and it will fall on the backswing
Why are you guys all picking on Tiger for This. if this is true amanda should be the one to blame. She than is the bitch ****ing your husbands friend. She is the one that was married. 
Huh? I don't get this?What club are you using the most in a round? Wedge, driver, 3 wood or the putter?as a hdc 4 your average score would be 76 in a par72. If you count 2 putts on a hole that makes 36 puttsso almost half of your shots go with the putter, and you suggest that he should be playing with a putter he's not confident with? I think he's smart to go for a putter first. Not totally agree with what he's looking for. Looks like he's a fan off Rory and would like a...
last year i played quarter finals and my opponent did the same thing, trying to get to me, i'm pretty easy in these things and just don't hear what he is saying. I had a caddy that day he did to, we had a hole par 3 180 yards over water, i knew he always had one more club than i hit. Told to my caddy i'm going to ask for a 7 iron but just give me 6. I hit the 6 iron on the green and he hit a 6 iron ( he trusted on my club selection ) in the water. if you want to get dirty...
JUST LET YOUR GOLF DO THE TALKING! Focus on the shots and finish him off.
I think both actually. I remember Tiger's reaction at the masters where he hit the flagstick with a shot and it bounced off into the water. he dropped a ball a few feet away from the first shot and he told after that he could repeat the swing, so he was sure not to hit the flag the second time. Now  i know tiger is a whole different level, but i can imagine that this works at some level for everyone. at 110 yards i use a 3/4 PW i hardly mis greens with that type of...
I use the interlock grip. It somehow gives me a more stable feeling in the swing. i do have to look after one thing tho  i sometimes take a to strong grip and than i can hit some massive hooks
Well the only thing standard in my clubs are the lie. Lofts and shafts are custom specs.  It's not that you buy new clubs each year so i would go for a new set irons fully fitted,  and go for a used driver. If you search for a driver 2 years old, you can most likely customize them. And you can always buy a new shaft in them later....
I play 59's also, i don't take very good care of them, i clean them maybe 3 times a year. i do clean them with a towel after shots, but i never had any rust on them. i see little dot's on the shaft now, but still in good condition.
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