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With a healthy body,yes he could make it back to number 1,but that is his problem.When he bulked up,and it was way too much in my opinion,he put himself in the position to do damage to his lower body and back.He is now paying the price and I think this will make it very difficult to ever get any consistency in his game again.He also needs to drop these damn swing coaches and trust his own knowledge of his swing and just play golf and stop with the constant rebuilding of...
Looks like they set up Torre tough this year and the player who hits fairways will win.I have played it a lot and when the rough is thick as it is this year,you better hit fairways or you don't have a chance.
I only hit the Pro,difference being smaller head with smaller sweet spot,but I will compare the two this afternoon and post what I find for you.
I think Callaway will have a very big year.I work at a Golf Galaxy and have hit all of the new clubs.The Apex Pros will be in my bag,awsome irons.I hit the Great Big Bertha Alpha and the X 2 Hot drivers last week.Very impressed with both.I hit the Alpha a little further.The core weight in the Alpha is to control spin rate and does so.The X2 Hot irons feel good also,they are cast,but have a nice feel.Callaway is really putting out some great looking and performing...
Foley has gotten Tiger back to a balanced in control golf swing that is producing results.What more could Tiger ask for.It now comes down to his putter and whether or not he can get back to the great pressure putter he once was.
It's only going to make him better.I don't think he'll get on a Tiger like run,but I do think he will win a couple of more majors along with his share of Tour wins.I have grown to like him since he has mellowed out.
Just re posting what someone else said.My point is,he needs to be playing more,not going home!!!!You guys are missing the point.
No,but that is a good thing.I want to see him get his game back and have been frustrated with the fact that he is not out playing.I know he has had health issues,but that seems to be over and it's time for him to get back out on a regular basis.
Your right,he is playing with the same frequency he did when he was decimating the tour,but guess what,he's not decimating the tour anymore!He needs to play on a weekly basis and get his putting stroke back under pressure,going home and putting on a practice green isn't the same.Tiger needs to get back to basics,and that means playing a lot more golf.    
If he doesn't get back out and start playing on a weekly basis I don't think he will ever be much of a factor anymore.He is not number one in the world anymore and needs to get back out and play tourney golf.Going home and hitting balls isn't the answer.
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