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Played yesterday out at a little muni in Hamlin.  Played the front cause it is short and it is a lot of iron play.  Now I have a lot of club sets to choose from.  I normally will play a set of FireSoles, X16's, or a set of Hogan GCD's.  My daughter and wife had a booth at the Roch Garage sale at the Public Market here.  So I had more than a few sets there to sell which of course no one bought.  Priced right too.  Least ways that is what folks said.   So anyways all...
So this year I've been playing and practicing a good bit.  Being unemployed helps in that regard.  I will try and make this short and sweet.  What it comes down to basically is managing the game you play.  So because I've lost distance but I have gained some back since the weather has gotten warmer here is what I've found:   Playing the ball a bit more forward or traditionally I guess between your center and your left heel for right handed golfers I am more...
I putt alright.  Matter of fact I have very few 3 putt's during my rounds of 9 holes.  I'll give the 5 second thing a try though.  I concentrate on not looking up through the follow through, but once the ball is off the putter face it's going to do what it is going to do and looking or not looking will have no effect on path.  I think the follow through is the most important at least it is for me.  thanks for the tips  
Ok what would be the advantage of these grips as compared to a mid size grip I play.   Thanks
I think the ball I use is good I'm just looking for advice on technique more than anything.  thanks
Thanks for the links.  A bit different than what I what I looking for though.  I want to be 20-70yds out or so and hit a med height shot with back spin to make the ball check up.  Chipping around the green I am actually not to bad at.  Depending on the lie, distance, green layout I'll vary the use of my clubs.  Use basically the same stroke just some different lofted irons.  thanks  
Played yesterday and frankly my mid irons, my 5&7 woods and my driver were decent.  Putting not bad either, one 3 putt in 9 holes.  Couple of one putts too for pars.  BUT my wedge play sucked the big one.  I've got it in my head to hit a mid flighted wedge from 50-80 yds with back spin.  I can't do it.  Tried it with my sw and my lw.  I mean I hit my lw(old Carbite) about 60yds when I hit it good.  My sw about 20-25 yds further from a good lie.    What I ended up...
I played Sat the east course at Churchville.  I think I like this layout the best of the 3.  It is more difficult but shorter than the other 2.  It was a beauty day too, once the rain cleared out.  Although windy, which might be an understatement.  Some of the flags were bent almost sideways and I ain't kiddin.  Kind of let up later in the p.m. but I was out there early p.m. and really not a soul around.  Kind of like my own private course!  Took my Callaway X16's and...
AY truer words were never spoken.   I am going to play today in the p.m.  Will take my X16's again.  I think I am putting to much stress on myself when out there enjoying the game thinking about how far I think I should this club or that club should go.  Just going to go out and see what happens.  thanks
Yep noticed the same thing. 
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