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looks very legit to me.
if you are looking for durability then PING is the way to go. They make the best clubs, so well constructed, I have never had a single problem with PING.
If you lose weight in the club, especially in the head it will be harder for you to know where the club is and could affect your timing and therefore lose distance
Watch out cause Black widow grips will catch on. I work in a golf shop in canada and can hardly keep them in stock.
you should be able to find some very good deals in the states. Try doing a 250 dollar budget in canada and it is near impossible.
I agree this seems just like a ploy from TM, that is why I choose not to play their equipment
Real driver fitting is key. I am a former college player and was fit by like PGA professionals. Last week I went to a guy who was on a tour van for 20+ years and he helped fit me for a real driver shaft. He spent over an hour with me just swapping shafts checking the CPM and everything. Well to say the least he was legit. I went from flying the ball 275 with a 114 mph swing to flying the ball over 290 consistently, and about 8 yards lees dispersion. And he got me roll...
go get fitted for wedges from a PGA professional and they will be able to help you choose the right wedge setup to see what suits both your full swing wedges and short shots
I agree with everyone who says that Wilson right now is one of the most underrated companies in golf. They continue to make very good irons their woods may lack a bit but iron wise they are still up there.
I am now using Accra Tour Z M5 65+ in my driver and a M5 75+ in my 3 wood and absolutely love them, nothing is smoother and launches the ball perfectly for me
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