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You probably get in your own head a bit. You know you have a good round going and then tighten up at the first sign of trouble. When I do something like that I tend to try to make up for my mistakes rather than just taking my medicine and trying to put my next shot in a position to minimize the damage. Try to shake off the last shot and think only about what is best to do with your next shot.
First let's start off with the "get a brain Morans" sign. The guy in the do-rag was not spelling moron wrong - http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=moran&defid=2390303. What better way to salute a guy with the last name of Moran than with such an appropriate sign?   The guy I love to hate is course architect Kelly Blake Moran. In my opinion he has ruined 3 great tracks for golf all within a 45 minute drive of my location. Lederach, Morgan Hill and now the...
Over the last few years my shots have started creep toward the toe more and more each year. This year has to be the worst yet. The only thing I have thought of to combat this is aim at a spot away from the ball. Right now I am at a point about 2 inches outside of the center of the ball (as illustrated by red line in below pic). Anyone have any drills to work on this? I have tried slowing down my swing to about 70% but the results are the same.  
  Yes, I should have clarified I meant public courses. Have played a few of the private courses but 95% of my rounds are on public courses.
Quote:     I pllayed Blackmoor during a year El Nino hit. Stayed in Myrtle Beach for about 3 months and could only golf 1 out of about every 3 days due to rainfall. Blackmoor was mostly under water but sill left a lasting impression. Very Nice course IMO.
Daisy Dukes? Nice ref. I wore those when I was young, skinny and rocking a multet. Of course Daisy always looked so much better in them... but have you seeen her lately? It's like Tawny Kitaen ate Daisy Duke which resulted in Honey Boo Boo's mom.
Puma just makes Fugly stuff IMO. It doesn't help with Ricky "one color at a time" fowler. Shame of it is they actually had some decent looking gear in the late 80's (IMO) and started to get some traction. Since then it has been pretty much downhill. YMMV.
Pick a ball any ball. Seriously. Some of the best rounds of my life were shot with pinnacle golds and Rockflites. You learn to adjust.   Then again it matters what type of course you are playing. Rockflites and pinnacle golds just wouldn't cut it for some private courses around here.
Once every 5 to 10 years depending? I was going to replace my irons this year but then just did my taxes and took a one eyed peek at how much I spent on golf last year...... no new irons for me this year.
Wyncote and Glen Mills for me. Not a ton of great courses IMO to choose from here in SE PA.       I tore that place up. I had such a great round when I played that course. It was a few weeks after the Q school (thank god). The only other course I think I played better was a round at Llanerch here in PA. A few horrible, disgusting, humbling rounds at Llanerch but one for the ages as well. I really enjoyed my trip to Orlando playing Crooked Cat and Panther Lake. Good times.
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