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 Been there, done that. Switched to used golf balls and never looked back. No more angst about $4 down the drain for a lost ball.
I definitely would have let him know he hit into me on the first drive but without yelling or getting angry (hopefully). I have no problem with someone going around me/us if they are in that much of a hurry. However, if there is nowhere for them to go and they end up just making my round longer they are again going to hear about it.
Holy backswing Batman.    
 Whoops. Yes, I should have said leading arm is bent. I get confused when people swing from the wrong side of the ball (Lefties).
 I would say the whole way but some can get away with it (Jordan Spieth, Lee Westwood etc.). 
First thing I would suggest is working on the grip. Your hands seem pretty separated at setup. Try this thread: http://thesandtrap.com/t/75436/how-to-grip-a-golf-club-commonalities-of-a-functional-golf-grip   Also your left arm seems bent and your club head way outside of the ball just before impact.     Nice tempo  
I also use lostgolfballs and opt for the AAAAA (top quality). Are they just like new? No, but they are in good shape and I have seen no noticeable difference in performance.
I gotta say I love my Burner 2.0 Irons.
Looks like you are late on the hip turn to me. You start pulling down on your down swing before starting the hip turn.    
That is a simplicity in swing thoughts rather than simplicity in the swing. I usually tell people you get one swing thought (while you are swinging). Too many swing thoughts lead to a lot of thinking and a lot less doing IMO.
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