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Yesterday. Par 3 at 132 yards into a slight wind. Played a half swing, choked up PW that flew straight at the flag. Landed 15" short and rolled to 2 inches left of the cup and hole high. That was my only 1 put on the day. 13 birdie putts and only made 1... from 2 freaking inches.
Until I am playing someone in a competition I don't give a damn about how they record their scores. They paid their own money and can keep the score however they want. It is none of my concern. A Rules Nazi can suck the life out of a fun day away from the office (even though I play by the rules). Stop worrying about what others do and keep score the way you want to.
Similar to the 'what did you buy today' thread but thinking more along the lines of what did you buy this year, have used more than a few times, and are still very happy about the purchase? For me it was some custom self-designed golf hats so I am no longer some companies walking advertisement.
I play in 2 leagues and the formats they use are as follows:   League 1 - 2 man Better Ball (net) 1 point per match total Win more holes and you get 1 total point Tie the match get 0.5 points Lose get 0 Points   League 2 - 2 man Better Ball (net) 1 point per hole 1 point if you win the hole 0.5 if you tie 0 if you lose the hole   1 additional point at end of round Team with most points gets 1 point Ties get 0.5 points Lose get 0 points   I much prefer...
My Saturday group is falling apart (people moving, getting married) etc. and I have lost my Sunday group altogether. I am wondering if anyone hanging around here would be interested in some weekend rounds. I am playing at about a 7 index right now. Looking for players who can at worst shoot low 90's on a bad day. Any course from Wyncote to Makefield Highlands and most any course between. I smoke, drink (but not normally while actively golfing), occasionally curse and am in...
You probably get in your own head a bit. You know you have a good round going and then tighten up at the first sign of trouble. When I do something like that I tend to try to make up for my mistakes rather than just taking my medicine and trying to put my next shot in a position to minimize the damage. Try to shake off the last shot and think only about what is best to do with your next shot.
First let's start off with the "get a brain Morans" sign. The guy in the do-rag was not spelling moron wrong - http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=moran&defid=2390303. What better way to salute a guy with the last name of Moran than with such an appropriate sign?   The guy I love to hate is course architect Kelly Blake Moran. In my opinion he has ruined 3 great tracks for golf all within a 45 minute drive of my location. Lederach, Morgan Hill and now the...
Over the last few years my shots have started creep toward the toe more and more each year. This year has to be the worst yet. The only thing I have thought of to combat this is aim at a spot away from the ball. Right now I am at a point about 2 inches outside of the center of the ball (as illustrated by red line in below pic). Anyone have any drills to work on this? I have tried slowing down my swing to about 70% but the results are the same.  
  Yes, I should have clarified I meant public courses. Have played a few of the private courses but 95% of my rounds are on public courses.
Quote:     I pllayed Blackmoor during a year El Nino hit. Stayed in Myrtle Beach for about 3 months and could only golf 1 out of about every 3 days due to rainfall. Blackmoor was mostly under water but sill left a lasting impression. Very Nice course IMO.
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