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Anyone know when these will be out? I like the idea of a 460 head on the R11. I was going to buy the R11 but I think ill wait now.
Seen a Guy hot a big slice....probably on the 11th hole...walked over stuffed it on the trash can and drove off...kinda funny
Im glad he played well....Good for him and great for golf! As for most comments on Tiger all I can say is jealousy is a terrible thing huh. Anyone who is great at something has just as many dislikes as likes.
Racist no...VERY unprofessional yes...That's a good way to tarnish the Adam Scott brand. He needs to just carry the bag and be quite. . If he does get fired a new job will not come as easy as it did before. No one wants that distraction.
Thanks for the replies. I haven't been back to hit the super fast first...I'm kinda leaning towards it because I don't want to adjust the driver to correct my swing.Hopefully my lessons will take care of that.
I was hitting the ball around 230 yards with the ball landing 6 yards right or left to center of the fairway....I was happy with the results just didn't understand why the results were that way..Of course I would like to hit it 300 yards...But I'll take the fairway over the extra yardage.
Is my swing speed to low? I'm taking lessons but haven't hit the big clubs yet.
Thanks....anyone else?  
Hit the TM super fast 2.0 and the R11 drivers today's.Why can I swing the R11 faster than the Superfast???? Like 10 MPH..swing speed from around mid 80 to mid 90. I did start with the superfast and hit 15 balls with each.So being warmed up wasn't the case. At least I don't think it was.Maybe I should go back and start with the R11??????
Ricky Fowler????????
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