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I agree with this. Sure, if you're satisfied with your own results then why would you take lessons? If you're already happy with your game, the cost may not justify the reward that you would gain and deem "worth it". The problem, I think, is that some people are going to read too deeply and think that they can reach that point on their own. I wish I had lessons as a kid because I spent years hacking and trying to make my own sense of bad shots. Bubba is definitely an...
I'm still gathering my thoughts on this and I'll post them at a later time. I just wanted to post this video and see what you guys think about this.
Poor Pablo! The guy follows this up with a birdie also!  
Has anyone posted this link yet? I actually gained a lot more respect for Bubba while watching this video. Please, ignore the stupid "Bubba leaves generous tip" part of the article and skip to the video. He's actually really likable in my opinion. I was previously 50/50 on him, but I'd say I'm won over as a Bubba fan completely. Bubba surprises Golf Channel with a Green Jacket visit.
I really only see the inflation of yardages online. Occasionally, I'll hear someone in the clubhouse at the turn or before my round talking about how far they've been hitting the ball lately. It's human nature to kind of roll your eyes when you hear people say they're hitting 300 yard drives and what not. It's kind of like a fisherman estimating how big that large mouth was that they caught on their lunch break. "That thing had to be 15 pounds!". By the end of the day and...
It sounds like you may be hitting the hosel, or way too far on the heel. There's no way on earth you should have broken 5 clubs combined between two different sets. The flex of the shaft is not even important here. I honestly think you should investigate the hosel of one of the club heads and make sure there's no sign of ball impact on it. If there's not, then I have no clue.I am also 99.9999% sure this is not related to your swing speed.
Sorry guys, I didn't mean to take the forum off topic or help it in that direction. Somebody should open a thread in regards to accidental shots/mishaps that we can all share. Let's get back to the 'Why do people lie about their distances?' topic. Thanks! I do think stories like we've heard in the last few posts are somewhat relevant to the topic though. Somebody really de-lofts a 7i, or catches it slightly thin and thinks that 180 yard 7i is a repeatable capability,...
How about a flask buckle? It not only says "I mean business", but it also says "I'm here to party".
Ha! Yeah, I absolutely caught that ball so thin the ball never went more than 20 feet high (or so it seemed that way). Though, I have done something similar to you as well where I totally misjudged the lay of the land and clubbed down a few too many. I've landed in the parking lot at local course many times. It's a blind green and I'm usually a 7i out. The parking lot is directly behind the green (genius course design). Thank god the 2-3 times that I have done it there...
My buddy has an irrational fear of geese ever since we went fishing and one charged him. He dropped his subway meatball sub and it ate it. He still thinks it was trying to show dominance as a predator and he won't accept the fact that it just wanted a bite of his sub... We still argue about it and he retorts with "I WATCHED IT EAT MEAT! Don't tell me they're not ferocious carnivores!".
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