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I can assure you that 270 is much longer than average. If you want to upgrade for the sake of having something shiney and new though, hell, go for it. You may pick up yards with the newer 913 or 915. Demo it first though, obviously.
These guys aren't Browns fans. Please don't put them in the same category as myself and other normal people who love our city and our sports teams. There's being a supportive fan and enjoying sports (I've played them my entire life and consider myself a "die-hard" fan) and there's being an idiotic piece of garbage who takes things way beyond the line. These guys are trash, period.
Eh, mayyybe. I'll have to go demo one over at Golfsmith and see how I feel. I'm not one to usually upgrade clubs when I'm playing well and right now my driving is the best that it has been, ever. I'm really nervous about messing with club changes.
Easy, Dave! Sodium overload, bro!Fire up that grill and throw some boneless/skinless chicken breast on it with some portobello caps stuffed with cheese, tomatoes and spinach. Get some nice sweet corn and shuck it half way to remove the silk, let it soak for 30 minutes and then throw those bad boys on the grill too.Come on, doesn't that sound good? I bet you hear your grill calling your name again... "Daaaavveeee...." FWIW, I just made myself incredibly hungry so this will...
Haha. It was definitely enormous. Here is the place where we ate that while on vacation. Tony's I-75 in Birch Run, MI. Skip to 0:44 for the BLT and again at like 2:00. EDIT: This place goes through 10,000 POUNDS of bacon in a WEEK! God, I feel sick reliving the memory now lol.
Absolutely pumped! I do think it's funny that my Browns are waiting so damn long to just say "Manziel is our starter". I mean, I love Hoyer's game and determination but there's no way Manziel is not starting the season. If Manziel is out the starter, I expect complete anarchy by week 3 in the stands.
lol If you really did that and didn't realize that's an Albatross and technically an "Ace" all in one, you're going to be celebrating hard tonight I hope. That's the holy grail in golf if you ask me and I would have slept with that ball with a Crown Royal smile on my face.
There will always be a way for people to beat the system though. If not Dick's, they'll do this same thing with GS as my buddy did, or Golf Galaxy. Or, they'll pay $50-150 for a fitting at a training center and then go buy their clubs for much less online as well. As long as iron sets are $800 off the rack at the big box stores, people will remain inclined to do their shopping online for 50% less and that is understandable and reasonable in my opinion. I can't think of...
I know a guy that did this a few months ago. He went to GS and tried some Callaway X2 Hot Pro irons because he saw them on RockBottom for $279.00 for the full set of 3-PW (insane deal and like $400 less than what GS/GG were selling them for). He went in, used the irons on a sim and made the order from his phone while he was still using the damn clubs. Based on principle, that sounds wrong. But $400.00 is a lot of money to 99% of the population and he did what most logical...
Ha, small world! I think you'll enjoy it. It's a tough course. It's also very well maintained and manicured. Rain has not been abundant this year, so the greens are running much faster than they usually are.
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