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Yep. It's way too frustrating. It'll also eliminate awesome down-field play when you have guys like Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, Josh Gordon, Andre Johnson, etc. when CBs and Safety's can't breathe down their neck. 
LOL. @inthecup this is you, isn't it?
During that stretch of 4 flags in a row, I was able to finish two beers before walking away to go have a smoke. It was horrible. If this is where the NFL is headed, I am going to lose my mind.
He just needs to be careful. He's getting a lot better at avoiding unnecessary hits though and it's only been one week since he's been working on that. I think he'll be just fine in the long run. He just needs to mature some more and that's fine.I do like the fact that he creates plays that Hoyer just can't. Though once Johnny stops forcing so many plays and so many throws, he'll be much better off.
Jesus, forget the fact that I'm a Browns fan and our play was pathetic in terms of QB. The officiating so far has been horrible and I'm sick and tired of the new holding call on DBs who pet a WR beyond the line of scrimmage. That game was awful. Of course, the only takeaway from the game now is Johnny flipping the bird to the Redskins after his TD pass. They (media, fans, the NFL, etc.) will run with that and the flag flurry will be forgotten.
I play Daily Fantasy on FanDuel for NFL, NBA and MLB. I actually see that they just posted some Preseason tournaments as well, so I hopped in a few. Unfortunately, that's more like "gambling" though since you have even less of a clue who the hell is getting reps/producing.f you're interested in playing some free games or something, shoot me a challenge. My username is 'spyder'. You can use my referral link to sign up if you want too: FanDuel Signup
"Just because you say "With all due respect" doesn't mean you get to say whatever you want..." Sure it does!
Because in light of recent news that they intend to lighten the punishment for marijuana, they should take this suspension into consideration. Since his specific suspension will be carrying into a season where the penalty is reduced, it's overkill. Sure, they can go by the books and nobody can blame them. But, there's also a lot of gray area when it comes to second-hand smoke and the trace amounts of THC in Gordon's test results show that he clearly was not smoking.It may...
Eh, go ahead and add me to this list now. Having taken many business classes, owning a few businesses and working with customers for all of my professional life, it's second nature to include the word personally in my sentences as a disclaimer that stands out.Example:  I would not recommend that you purchase that item.Example: I, personally, would not recommend that you purchase that item.However, @Shorty, make sure that you add yourself to your own list for doing stuff...
Well, there's a chance that it could be reduced. I think that's what we're kind of holding on to in general. As much as I think the entire suspension is utter BS, I won't even start that argument or "excuse". If the suspension remains as a full season suspension, I am really going to be pissed off and lose even more faith in Goodell and the disciplinary system in the NFL.
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