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That's a good idea, I'll contact golfbuyitonline, as they have the set, and will ask Thanks for the advice
Hi Walfice, I was looking at the callaway diablo combo set http://www.eurozonegolfshop.com/proddetail.php?prod=CADEICSRH Been through all of the authorised calaway online retailers and then found eurozonegolfshop, who were the cheapest. If you could suggest a site I'd appreciate it. What worried me most was the address under about us: Registered Office: 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Do a search on that and the reading isn't great, but maybe that's just a location...
Daemon, did you verify the serial numbers of the clubs you purchased with the manufacturers ?
The reply I got regarding their suppliers: Thats commercially sensitive for us and not information we share with customers sorry.   So, not much help. The lady was excellent in getting back to me and seemed very helpful, but given they are not currently on Callaways Authorised list of online retailers, I'll wait until there's more info on the forums from genuine buyers.
I'd be really interested in hearing from other people's experiences. I'm emailed them last night and got this reply: Yes our clubs are absolutely 100% genuine -  all golf clubs purchased with us are new and have a standard 12 month manufacturer's warranty. I understand you concern as counterfeits are a worry if you are buying online - all I can say is that our clubs are genuine.   Maybe it would help if I ask one of our customers if you can contact them to ask about their...
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