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hey guys, so im sure many of you have the same problem i find myself having whenever i look into buying new golf polos from the major clothing companies such as adidas/nike/under armor etc.: they fit like shit especially for someone who has a more athletic cut/slim body type.    my question is: where do you guys buy your slim fit/althetic cut shirts? (yes i know j. lindeberg and rlx and hugo boss however who has the money to buy those 100 dollar shirts every...
hey guys. so i recently got a 913 f 15 and am in love. unfortunately, since when i play i dont put my head covers back on on after every time i use the club, i wound up with a small scratch on the crown of my 3w and a micro chip in the paint. my question is, does anyone know how to repair these?    any comments or information will help?   thanks! -Luke
ok i just want to clear some things up. yes i know that the ap2 is more along the lines of a players iron and not as forgiving as say the ap1 however what i was saying (or trying to) was that the club i used the other day (it wont let me post a picture because it says i dont have permission or something so here is a link: http://www.golfreview.com/cat/irons/ping/i3-plus-blade/prd_142827_2940crx.aspx) was definitely less forgiving than the ap2 and i seemed to play better...
hey guys, still kind of new to the posting threads thing but anyway here it goes:   so i currently use titleist ap2 710 irons with r flex nippon 105t shafts and i like them a lot however i feel as though sometimes they are a little too forgiving for me. although my handicap is only around 14 i am a pretty good ball striker, i just dont play enough (on account that i live in nyc and play hockey 6 times a week during fall/winter/spring) for my handicap to be any lower....
i have the 910 19* in my bag right now and after going to my local demo day and hitting the 913 19* i couldn't really feel much of a difference, the only thing is the head is a little smaller on the 913. however, performance wise, that wasn't enough to update to this years model for me.   hope this helps
I'm 6'3'' and just had all of my irons lengthened +5/8. When someone has their irons lengthened, is it common practice to have their woods lengthened as well? Wondering if I need to do the same with my woods. 
does anybody have a place where i can check the number on the titleist authentic sticker at the top of the shaft? like a number i can call or email or something?    i tried looking but to no avail 
haha this sounds more realistic the more i think about it.   and yeah i made sure that i had the right shaft before i went ahead and bought the club. 
hey guys, so i recently purchased a titleist 913 f 15* blue stiff shaft from this ebay seller: http://myworld.ebay.com/tmac4110/&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2754   anyway i originally tried the club at a demo day at my local driving range and fell in love, was killing the ball long and straight. so me being my normal self looked for the fairway wood on ebay hoping to find a great deal on it. ( i was very careful to pick the right seller because i have done tons of research...
i am interested in buying a titleist 913 f from them, does anyone know if this seller is real or fake?
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