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Interesting that it notes this applies to a fitted and correctly lined up putter. 
My brother swears by 83%. He might be overestimating his distances by about 17% and he's actually swinging full but I can't tell either way. The whole concept of percents as they apply to the swing is pretty subjective though.
Well IMO one can do the job of both; pick either the 13 or 15 for your longest club off the deck. That's how I'd do it though, personally I don't find the strong 3 gains many strokes unless you're hitting greens with it. If you're out to make eagles as often as possible it can help in some cases but probably lower scoring in the long run to go with the 15. And if you don't hit the 13 off the tee much then it pretty much only gets used on long par 5s. Maybe it'll give you...
Ditch the strong 3 or bring it as a replacement for a driver. An 11 handicap shouldn't be worried about 220+ as much, having one extra club won't make you great from that distance. Hitting 15˚ from the tee should give you a good solid range and carry farther. Carry yardage is better for that part of the set and it's very rare to carry a 13˚ farther off the deck. The situations you'd need more than a 3 wood off the deck must be very rare.
I'd say get a set of maltby TE irons. They fit both .370 and .355 shafts, I use them with a .355 c taper right now and they're a fair bit more forgiving than blades despite looking pretty compact. Definitely launch the ball a bit higher and have traditional lofts. They also only cost 25$ per head and have several models available with more forgiveness as well. You'd be able to reuse the shafts you have now and it would only cost the reshaft job, which isn't too tough to do...
Mine's on the way. Hopefully I can improve on the 1,000,072 I shot the other day.
Jack would be among the long hitters. I doubt he'd be the longest. I think people pay way too much attention to outliers in terms of launch data, it always seems like the numbers are hand picked to me. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.   For one thing, Gary Woodland doesn't average 316 carry. Maybe if they had him hit a bunch of big drives for the monitor, but Jack's 276 is an average during competitive rounds and includes roll. Gary's 268 carry also reflects that he's...
Probably somewhere in the high 60s.     Then if you added in the pro's strokes it would probably be enough to give me a chance to break 80. Personally I'd rather leave those off the card.
  Check out this thread, I also agree you shouldn't worry about bounce; borrow your buddy's wedge if you want so you don't get distracted. It's good to get properly fitted then not worry about the wedge too much, and the technique done properly will work with any wedge, even with irons in some cases.
Yes, and I'd say it works better from bad lies as well. Tricky shot to learn but extremely useful.
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