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Moving back to Houston next summer and was looking for suggestions on reasonably priced country clubs. Needs to have great practice facility and good course architecture. Looking at probably around Cypress, Katy areas. But again, good golf club and school district will drive the home buying decision :)   Appreciate all suggestions.   Thanks,
There are budding young golfers in India who make their living as caddies by earning $5 an 18 hole round. Limited financial resources limit them from playing to their potential and they have to play with borrowed sets or best case , very old donated used sets. This group is created for all golf lovers and people who want to help these budding talent blossom into future stars. Help can be in the form of funds, donated equipment, instruction, materials or any other form....
Awesome ! How does one score like that ? I always screw-up when I am getting close to even on a round - don't know why. But I must say, it has been a hard, frustrating but delightful journey from 24 to 3ish in three and half years. And Evolvr played a big role in shaping my game. On another note how do I order a copy of your book to be shipped to India ? The ebay site does not have a India ship option.
I use a Theraband and swing plane perfectorand that seems to be a little more flexible and works too.
I am getting a dynamic loft of about 30 and AoA of +2 on a Epon 9 Iron blade. SS of about 77 and Spin about 7800 - on the average. Ball position N.O. Does this look right ? I would imagine, an AoA of -5 or so is more likely at that loft. Does not look like I am flipping on the camera. I am running the 5.47 firmware and the 8.05 version of the Flightscope software - so the earlier iron AoA problems of Flightscope are fixed I imagine. Appreciate any insights. Thanks much.
Yes, but we don't know by how much and that is why a calibration. But that is complicated because club head shape, loft variation across the face, shaft properties etc will determine the bending moment due to gear effect eg. Trackman estimates face based on AoA, Launch Angle and path primarily. So , net-net we have an idea but we do not know the club face angle at impact. So then comes the question, how correct are the ball flight law assumptions that initial direction...
Sure . I guess I will put the question other way round. Let's say I know the ball was toed and lets say I also want to measure by how much , through some marker on the face, is it then possible to calibrate for the actual face angle ? Possible - but too complicated for getting a generalized compensation. I guess optics is the only way , but at that frequency the sampling rates will be very high and the economics are not that compelling. Thanks for your help.
True. But I can never get the real club face angle right ? So, lets say I have an "actual" (6,3) push draw strike, but my trackman shows (6,4) due to 1/2 " crown side toe strike , ball flight will still be push draw. Any thoughts on GC / I would imagine optics should be able to get it right
How does one know the face angle presented at impact is indeed open ( closed ) and is not the face angle opening (closing) due to gear effect of a toe ( heel) strike as I believe these units derive these values after impact ? Thanks for your help/insights
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