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My favorite sport to watch is absolutely football (pro, college, even high school). Next favorite is soccer, but outside of the US national teams, I don't really have a favorite pro team (I do hate Man U and Juventus though). NFL - cowboys and then ravens MLB - rangers and then rockies NBA - mavs NCAA - there are too many I kind of like or really don't like to list. My wife is a big Duke basketball fan though. And it's pretty cool when any Texas school does well.
First one on the course this morning for a relaxing round by myself. Shot 26 over for a 98. Really kind of bummed by the score, but really pleased with my swing and ball striking. Pitching and putting ate my lunch. I feel like a lesson or three would help me knock a bunch of stokes off my average game.
I enjoy the Drew Estates Java. Nothing like a lighter stogy when the weather warms. Tastes great with a little whiskey.
What a strange day! First 5 were pretty average golf for me, next 6 were the worst golf I've played since the first time I picked up a club, then finished 2 over with only 2 bogeys and 4 GIR for the best 7 hole stretch I've ever played. What a strange round. After the front nine, in the midst of my AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL slump I abandoned traditional scoring and started just giving sad faces and happy faces instead. A really perplexing day.
You're right, we are. I really enjoy reading what others have to say, and even having opinions about their comments. Don't feel witty/ knowledgable enough to contribute a lot of times though.
"Yes. Yes. Yes" -Dashboard Dog
Just a thought on the topic, and by topic, I mean the not topic that has taken over. I'm a high capper. Bogey golf is great for me. My driver is absolutely my most consistent club. I don't keep my stats, but I'd guess that I hit 70% or so of fairways, and that my average drive is in the 250-260 range. I understand that that's not 300, but for the sake of the discussion it works. I can absolutely see how some one can, without that much practice, be pretty good with their...
Played two rounds today at Palo Duro Creek. First round was a 92, and the second was an 87. This is my first time to break 90, which was my goal this summer. I was consistent off the tee, but my short game wasn't as good as it has been in the past, but I was still happy with my score.
In the Texas panhandle, it really just depends. We get weather all over the map year round. You can guarantee it'll be hot in July and August, but other than that there's no telling. (As a matter of fact next week isn't supposed get over 88*F, which is the first time I think I've ever seen that in July). The other guarantee is that humidity will be close to 0, so I don't mind playing no matter the high temperature. So I guess my answer is, any season other than football...
I don't understand why there's such a fuss over whether or not this was an albatross. It was. You can like it, you can hate it, you can kind of be a jerk about it; it is an albatross.Why does it matter what tees you're playing from or how the course is rated? People are all giddy about "teeing it forward." Well I'm gonna say screw that if it means an ace on a short par 3 or an albatross on a short 4 or 5 doesn't count. This is the kind of thinking that discourages people...
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