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I did a google search for how to do it, and found the formula on Golflink, I believe.
I'm a newb at this game. I picked it up last summer and found that I really enjoy it. I played my 5th or 6th round ever yesterday, and managed to get my first ever par (was a par 4, 360yd). Came oh-so-close to making par two other times (par 5 and par 4). The rest of the holes weren't nearly as good.   So I figured up my handicap today, and it came out as a 44. I knew I was bad, and sure enough...   Oh well. I hope to improve on that this year, maybe starting...
I think his idea was to pull the cart off to the side and sit so groups could just play through and then pick our spot to get back on. Not sure how busy a course on the outskirts of Pittsburgh will be on a Monday morning. I dunno...I've only played 45 holes in my entire life and all have been in the afternoon, lol. The PB sandwich sounds like a good idea.
A buddy of mine and I are going to play a round tomorrow, and we have a 10am tee time. He wants to play nine, take a lunch break with each of us just bringing a sack lunch, and then play the back nine. So my question is...what would be a good sack lunch to take on with me? I don't want to eat rabbit food and feel hungry for the rest of the round, but I also don't want to get that heavy feeling for the final nine holes. Thoughts and advice? Thanks ahead of time.
Thank you very much for the answer. Exactly what I was looking for. I assumed all that was correct, but I'm learning not to trust my assumptions at this point in my game (or lack thereof, lol). No matter how stupid it makes me look to the golfing vets, I figure my best bet is to ask questions...even if it sounds dumb enough to make people think it must be rhetorical, lol.   Thanks again.
Sorry, I wasn't clear, lol. It was two different questions. The first dealt with your preference of net in the backyard. The second was completely different...asking about teeing off with something other than a driver on the course. I wouldn't dare use a real ball into a net in my neighborhood, LOL...houses are too close together.
What kind of net do you guys prefer for a backyard net? Do you prefer something that is flat across or the nets that look like half-tents? Seems like the tent nets would corral the ball better, but it also seems that you would have to step further away from it than the nets that are just flat...so you're swing doesn't catch the net. What kind of net do you prefer and why?   On a different note, when you're in the tee box on the course, when you're teeing off with...
I was just watching the Golf Channel, and the informercial for the Medicus driver came on. I see some here that say the driver could be good and others who say it's worthless. If I know of a used lefty club that I can buy for a decent price, should I try one? I'm VERY new to the game...just took it up this summer and have played only 45 holes. I've hit a few decent drives, but for the most part I have a pretty serious slice. As a newbie to the game, is this something...
Hi, I'm looking for some LH Burrows or SiMAC Powersphere clubs...driver, 3-wood, 7-wood, hybrids, wedges. I know it's a LONG shot, but I figured I'd post a thread asking about them. Message me to let me know if you have anything and what you want for them. Thanks.
Want to know how bad I am? I played 9 holes by myself Wednesday, and I let a pair kinda play through. They caught up, asked to join me for one hole, and moved on ahead. I never caught up with them. I thought of this thread, and all I could do was chuckle. At least the course was fairly empty until I was getting to the end of my 1/2 round.
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