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well my head keeps quite level in the video, but the left leg comes up a little bit, i think this was a big problem when i was a kid, trying to hit 200+, i'll upload the video when i come home from work, this is bothering me now.
most liekly why my right elbow is way out at the top of the backswing, and my miss is a hook or a block.   making me really want to hit the range today... godamm work.    
i've always thought jumping at it was a bad thing...  or maybe our definition of 'jumping' during a golf swing differs...   recently went to the range, recorded about 3 swings on my crappy iphone4 camera, what i noticed is that my left foot leaves the ground slightly at impact, is this what you mean by jumping? [1 of those shots was thin, the other 2 were pure]. - i've always thought this was one of my many swing flaws.
shot 36 - par 36... course was playing kinda easy, tees were forward but pins in unforgiving posistions, didn't drive it well (havent been driving it well at all) just 3wood stingered my way off the tees. started off firing at the pins, getting 3 straight birdies, 3 straight pars, and the horrible driving kicked in and bogeyed the last 3 holes, close to a under par for 9, but no cigar.
i didnt think the chin thing was a big deal, i keep my chin up so i can feel my shoulder coming underneath it; so i can tell if im turning enough....   too each their own...
oh.... god........................... WHY    
tiger doesn't look like tiger... i'm starting to lose belief, think he's a 'has-been' now...     btw! 100th post grats to me
i wouldn't really call it cheaping out... as it costs nearly 1k to get a rolex serviced....    
it's like a suit kinda... gives an impression.   i think this was well played by rolex, pick up a superstar (fallen or not) at a low price, and good for tiger.... those child-support payments must be a big pain in the butt.    
its easier to work an iron ie; play a high/low fade/cut draw/hook than a bigger wood. so my experience with this is; smaller the club head; easier it is to work.   if you want to be able to work it; 3 hybrid if you want consistency and forgiveness; wood
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