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Okay. Thanks for the help. I will remember this next time i'm at the course.
Yes, I occasionally top it and also, I get similar distance with my 5 and 9 and the 5 should be much farther I believe.
I started playing again recently. I am not a good golfer though. I usually hit double bogeys and bogeys. Like I said in the title, I can't hit my 5 iron. I don't know if it is because I have really cheap golf clubs. $200 for the complete set plus an additional 2009 burner driver. Or, if it is because I am doing something wrong. I hit my 5 iron worst than my 9 iron. Is their a certain technique for a 5 iron. Such as where to put the ball in my stance? Please give me some...
Consistently hit under 100. 
I am 14 years old and with my Maxfli driver that came with my set, I could hit the ball maybe up to only 200 yards. However, I upgraded to a Taylormade Burner 2009 and I can now hit the ball like 250 yards. 50 yards further! I also cut like 5 strokes off my game.
Its not a problem with irons, but with my fairway woods and my driver, a lot of times I hit the ball and get no loft. It will go straight down but role a while. However, sometimes, I hit it with a good amount of loft. I want to know how to get more loft on my shot. Thanks.
You need an inspiration. Do it for your wife and kids to set a good example. Everytime you can't decide wether to go to the gym or play PS3, think about your kids.
Not only is it a sport, I would say that it is harder than any other sport out their. 
Drink water definitely. Diet soda is not good for you. I have heard before that normal soda is better for you than diet soda because of the aspartyme/fake sugar. 
I will give you some tips the local golf pro taught me. first of all, always have the ball in the middle of your stance. Also, during your backswing, which I noticed in the video you were doing wrong, you need to keep your right arm against your body instead of sticking it out.
New Posts  All Forums: