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Hey @mvmac I was able to get outside today and get another video after I worked on my grip.  What do you think?  I feel like I do have more wrist hinge at the top of the back swing but when the club is parallel to the ground in the downswing, my hands appear to be in the same spot as before... I wonder why this is?     Thank you for any and all advice!  
@mvmac Are you saying that hinging of the wrist is something that "just happens" with the proper grip.  Or is it something that I need to actively do with each swing?   Thanks!
Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am looking forward to trying these things out!   Thanks again @mvmac  
  @mvmac Here is an iron swing where I at least try to get my weight forward.  I hope this helps some!   Thanks again!
Ok @mvmac thanks for the reply! I will work on getting a video up tonight!
Hi all,   Lately I have been working on getting my weight forward at impact with my golf swing because I have been hitting a few fat shots here and there.  I have used several drills to help me with this such as the half ball under my left foot (I am right-handed).  But one thing I have noticed recently is that when I start my down swing all press down with the left foot like I am supposed to and it feels like all my weight is on my left side right after transition, but...
Here is what I think is a pretty good swing with a 56* wedge.  Any comments?  
Hi guys I have been working on all the advice given and I have also taken some lessons here and there.  I like to think that my swing has improved.  What do you guys think?  Is there anything else you think that I am doing wrong?  
Thanks Eric, that makes sense.
Hi everybody, earlier today I was looking back over my old GolfTec lesson videos and I noticed where one of the measurements was shoulder bend.  Now, this was awhile ago and I'm sure I asked what shoulder bend was to my coach but I have since forgot!  I also noticed where shoulder bend could be defined as forward or back so many degrees?  So if anybody knows how to define shoulder bend and what it means to be back or forward it would be greatly appreciated!   Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: