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Hi, everybody, after practicing some of the advice on this forum specifically, Key #2 the weight forward at impact where it is advised that the feeling of "pressing a can into the ground" or "squashing a bug into the ground" for a proper weight shift.  I have been practicing this quite a bit and it has produced quite a few good shots for me and I can really tell I am hitting the ball first on some shots.  However I do feel sometimes that when I "squash a bug into the...
Ok guys thanks a ton for the replies.  Here is a picture of my impact position...  One thing that stuck out to me is that my right heel is coming off the ground quite a bit...  Also it does appear as if I am flipping?   Thanks again!         Sorry for the absolutely terrible quality...
Thanks all for the replies!  Iacas could you please further explain what you mean by torso turn and arm travel?  Are you saying I don't do enough torso turn and too much arm travel?  And guisppe, you are right!  I am trying to work on starting the downswing with my lower body.   Thanks again!
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
    I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2 Years My current handicap index or average score is: High 80s My typical ball flight is: High Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: FAT SHOTS     Videos: 
I would think a good bet would be to send some swing videos and maybe some scorecards to the colleges you are interested in just see what they have to say?  Just throwing out some random ideas...
Just awesome.  Thanks a ton for your reply!
Hi all,  I have been playing golf for about two years now and I used to shoot in the 100s and through hard work I have been able to keep it in the mid 80s (I haven't changed my handicap yet! Lol).  Here lately I have been consumed with learning the proper weight shift to try and gain some distance ( I only hit my 5-iron about 175 yards consistently.)  However I was on the range yesterday and I think I discovered something.  I was hitting my 7-iron and I focused on...
One practice swing that is perpendicular to my target line and then align correctly and let 'er rip. :)
Thanks for the reply.  My natural stroke is an arc (inside-square-inside).  I have tried the straight back/straight through stroke before but it is even worse than "shakey", inconsistent arc stroke because I pull everything.  Hopefully I can find something that makes my natura arc stroke more stable and less "shakey."   Thanks again for the reply. 
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