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I play a 7 & 9 wood and love them both (callaway diablo octane).   I hit my 7 wood 190-200   I have no hybrids in my bag
I wear PUMA stuff all the time, including all orange. I'm a high-handicap player and don't care what anyone thinks. I went to Oklahoma State and have always loved orange, so most people learn that really quick. I also have an orange PUMA bag.   I think golf should be FUN and dressing up (for me) is part of that fun.
I've been playing for almost two years and am addicted.   My best shot came about a month ago.   I drove a 330 yard Par 4 and had a 25 foot eagle putt. I missed by about three feet and made birdie. First time I'd driven the green, pretty cool feeling finding your ball on the green after being on the tee box.   Probably my 20th birdie and I have probably played over 100 rounds.   The next hole I hooked a 3-wood into the street, took a penalty, and made a...
My 7 wood replaces my 4 iron
Bump.   Anyone played the Manhattan Country Club course?
I got the #1 on Monday night and used it all day yesterday. It took me a while to get used it. I averaged 1.89 putts over 9 holes. So far so good. I have never used a blade, but really like this putter. It does give me a little more confidence for some reason.
I hit the 7 iron at Golf Galaxy last night.   Didn't get any more distance than my JPX 800 Pro, was consistently going 150-155 for me.
I game both types of putters and will have no issues using my belly putter in 2016.   If I play with a random person who gets pissed, I'll remind them we aren't getting paid to play like the pros.   I will start meesing around with the putter and see if I like using it without anchoring though.
I play with up to a 9 wood right now.   I also have 11,13, and 15 woods that aren't in the bag right now.   I really want to be a better iron player and get the woods out of my bag.   I start to question myself on this, however.   If I hit a 13 wood (7 iron), 150-160 everytime, why even have a 7 iron?   I get a lot of crap from EVERYONE I have played with, even for having a 7 wood (my 190-200 club).   It's a constant internal battle.....
I have been practicing the punch shot.   I'm very inconistent with my irons on a full shot, so I have been working on the punch.   I'm trying to get the lofted fairway woods out of my bag, but I need to be able to hit a consistent 4&5 iron rather than playing a 7&9 wood.   I need to get on the range, as I have been practicing at an indoor range. My 4 and 5 iron punch shots "feel" twice as good as my full iron shots, so i assume they are traveling a good...
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