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  Yeah weight transfer is one of the hardest things for me. That video is from like two weeks ago and I think I've improved on some things since then but weight transfer for me is so hard. I can't for the life of me get my weight shifted to the front. 
I'm pretty new to golf...so if your hands are too close to your body at address could that cause an outside to inside swing path? I feel like this is a big problem for me, more so on my driver than my irons. That's why I extended my hands out a little bit more and was making very good contact. My left hand is lined up with my chin. Is that too far of extension?
Played 18 today and on the front 9 I was struggling a lot. So for the back 9 I decided to extend my hands a bit at address and started hitting the ball great. Wasn't flipping as much as usual but I still had some shots that sliced with the driver. Irons were dead straight and pretty long. I've been struggling with my long irons and I was able to get the ball in the air today. Just curious, would it be better for me to have my hands very close to my body or extended out?...
First off, thanks everyone for all the help. I appreciate it. Secondly, what should the elbows be doing after impact? A poster above said both of my elbows are pulled into the body. What should they be doing? 
Yeah I feel like I top my long irons mostly because I'm trying to hit the ball up instead of striking it in the correct spot. I have a video on here, it's not that good but I'll reupload. A guy froze it and said my weight isn't getting to my front side and I'm flipping. I've fixed my posture and alignment a lot since that last video but the downswing/release looks terrible IMO.  
I feel like when I flip my wrists at impact, I don't get consistent results. For example, I'll top a ball, I'll hit a huge divot before the ball ,etc. Some slice, some hook...Does that have anything to do with flipping? 
1) What does flipping the wrists at impact cause? 2) After impact position (left wrist flat, right wrist bent) , what do the wrists do? 
Firstly, it looks like you are a bit too hunched over shoulders wise. Your shoulders seem pretty far forward but that may be because you have a decent amount of knee bend at address.   Two things, you have a small hesitation at the top of your back swing right before your downswing and at the top of your back swing your left elbow is bending severely. I think you can extend a touch more at the top of your back swing for a bit more power. Also, try and keep that left...
Two things...would this cause me to slice the ball? I feel like I do this off the tee because anytime I take a practice swing at the tee I'm not going straight at it. It comes from outside to inside. Could this also be because my arms aren't extended all the way at address? Perhaps my hands are too close to my body at address? Thanks.
Hey man thanks for the quick reply! Any idea on some drills or how I can fix these problems? I noticed how bad my shoulder/hip turn was so I've been working on that. 
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