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One of the differences is that professional athletes have been in sports and athletics their whole lives. When they were youths they developed the fine motor skills and fine sports skills that are best developed at certain windows during growth. Thus, when they try to play golf they already have a solid athletic foundation to build upon. 
I talked to a rep at the PGA show who said something similar to me, except he said they were trying to reduce driver spin. I have talked to a few other guys I play with about the ball and they had mostly the same things to say about the new Penta.
I have been playing them since they came out and I like them for the most part. I have found that I can only play one for about 6 holes before it is cut up bad enough to be a practice ball. Also, it spins quite a bit more than the last Penta around the green. I have spun them off of the green on several occasions and did not find that to be an issue with the old Penta. I like them, but I'm still shuffling between the Titleist Pro V1X and Bridgestone B330 to figure out...
    It takes someone really smart to throw around insults without provocation and with a lack of reasoning. It also takes a big boy to be a jackwagon on a forum; you wouldn't be one to my face I promise you that. 
And 10,000 hours of practice to be world class, not just good.     
The point I'm making is that a long putter is an advantage if it takes less practice to become equally efficient as a person who has put in more practice with a traditional putter. And maybe it would take you that long to get good with a new 3 wood if it was a different design and called for a much different swing :)  
It takes an average of ten years/10,000 of dedicated practice to be world class at something. The best putters on tour with normal putters likely have this mass of hours built up. What about the best long putter players on tour; how long have they been practicing with their long putter? If they are able to put in much less time but be equal in putting ability compared to traditional putters I would call that an advantage. How efficient is someone with 10,000 hours of...
I agree 100% with what Tiger Woods had to say. I believe that a putter anchored to the body should be banned in competitive play.
I shot a 77 on a very soggy but nice Elk Run in Seattle yesterday. It was nice to play on a green course in the winter, although by the time I was finished I was hating myself for walking because of the hills. 
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