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Thanks for the tips as to changing my grip I was fighting a hook so when i weakened it i could actually hit the ball straight. Isnt it acceptable to have your right v pointing at middle of the chest to or right shoulder
Looking for some tips to make this a more consistent swing.  My bad shots are thin as i tend to pick the ball on bad shots and with the driver i cant seem to keep it low it is extremely high as i actually hit everything high.   9 iron   9 iron front view   driver   driver front  
Well i hit my club with the new proforce v2 and the ball flight wasnt any lower than the stock serrano shaft.  oh well another 50 bucks wasted on golf that i will add to the list
I am getting my G15 driver reshafted with ust provorce v2 66g and was wondering if there will be a noticable difference from the stock aldila serrano shaft. I am hoping for a lower trajectory and hopefully i can get some feedback from anyone who has gamed the v2 and noticed a difference. (both good and bad).  
i was just practicing my pitch shots from 80 yards and everything was going great until i shanked one. Then i shanked a couple and then at the end i couldnt stop shanking the ball. The ball would shoot off to the right. Even if i stood further away from the ball i kept on shanking.  Is this an alignment or timing issue?  Any good drills to stop this. Thannks
has anyone used the bushnell v2 tour slope edition with? if so would you recommend it or another product
gotta love miller when he said "everyone was jealous of me on tour because i was the big blonde haired, good looking guy"
Lopan rocks!!!  Gotta love jack burton too
i have the 9 degree with aldila serrano shaft and hit it well. looking for a new shaft as i am hitting it to high. what shaft is in yours
you forgot grant fuhr doing cocaine!!
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