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Thank you all for your comments.   BG
Thanks to all for their contributions.  As a European, the R&A rules apply, although I quite take on board rule 20.5 from USPGA, which may be easier to understand than those of the R&A which appear to be full of ambiguity and over complex with continual references to other rules.   I have seen pro golfers tee-up after such a shot, but because it is in fact a penalty stroke, the luxury of a tee seems inappropriate.  
So you hit your tee-shot into a water hazard and decide to play your third stroke from the tee as the water is directly in front of the tee.  There is no doubt about your first shot hitting the water, you both see and hear it go in, so you are now going to play a penalty stroke.   The question is " Can you tee it up a second time or not?"   Looking at the R&A rules, it is difficult to understand their answer to this question; do any of my fellow golfers know for...
I play about 3 or 4 times a week and I must admit that sometimes a game becomes a chore, and when it does, I might just as well have stayed at home.   I sometimes even get that feeling mid-game, after 6 holes perhaps, and the rest of the round is just "going through the motions".  I wish I could re-kindle my appetite for lots of golf, but I think I will simply remain a mid-handicapper for the rest of my days.
Absolutely.  caused by the length of the club and your chosen swing plane.   I like to have a very "square and controlled" swing for my short game, whereas I let rip with my woods and long irons.
I'm a bit late joining this thread, but I too have used this company and I am entirely satisfied with the clubs, the price and the service courtesy of Sophia.   I bought a set of callaway razr irons and had them extended by 1 inch with 2° upright lie adjustment; they are wonderful to play with.  This is the first time I've had Callaway irons, so now I have everything callaway except the hybrid. (I'll treat myself later this year).   I too thought that they may be...
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