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I'm not normally spiteful when it comes to competition, etc.  But I have to say I take MUCH delight in Notre Dame continually being overrated and losing to sub-par teams.   Michigan State's D is looking solid, Wisconsin is going to be a powerhouse, Nebraska looks shaky...probably not a real top ten team yet.  Iowa had no business losing to ISU.  Here's looking forward to week 3.
Here's to hoping Taylor Martinez can stay on his feet.  Go Big Re-eeeed!
I'll try to get my phone to take pix here in a minute.  I could link in some pics of the chica...but that seems a little creepy!!!  Life changer.
Hmm...  Not to start a war here, but guns don't do anything differently in a big city than they do in the country.  It's the inhabitants that cities are infested with that eff things up.  Props on recognizing that bans have a negative effect.    
I'm new to the game...so I don't really know anything yet, but I can tell you what helped me.    I was at the range and a girl stepped into the opening directly in front of me.  She was a little bitty blonde, maybe 110 pounds.  She was DIALED in...hitting 250 yard drives straight as an arrow.  Anyway, she finished up, and turned around and said hi.  I asked her to tell me how she was able to hit so straight.  Long story short, she has played since age 3, and played...
My 9i does 130-140.  Recently I've picked up like 7-10 yards on every iron.
2009 Subaru Forester. NA.  Gets around 30 mpg on the highway, and averages over 27 including in town driving.  Refuses to get stuck, owns South Dakota winters.
@indy  I hear what you're saying there.  Fortunately, I live in a state of just over 800k people...not much more than Charlotte!  Crime is pretty much a non-issue here.  I figured an NRA sticker was less representative of having products of value on board than a sticker that said Glock, HK, Smith, etc.   As for the LCP, I can attest to the quality and reliability of these.  My cousin has one, two uncles have them, my dad has two, and I have one.  We've all had great...
I think I could be described as a "gun guy", I have NRA sticker on my license plate!  My current favorite is a CZ 527 in .204 Ruger.  .485" 5 shot 100 yard groups with Federal Premium 39g Sierra BlitzKings.  Repeatable. 
There's obviously a plethora of information available on this forum.  Sounds like you're doing quite well as a relative beginner.  My next question, not to hyjack, is how to stay on top of it so you (we) aren't starting over in the spring?  Is there a good routine to go through over the winter to keep your swing sharp?
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