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I use to carry a 1 iron when I had my Lynx black cats back in the 90’s. I could not hit woods off the fairway worth a crap “Still can’t” I keep a 3 iron in the bag now and hit it regularly at 200+ out.
I just don’t like the look of a Hybrid. I had a 2 Rescue for a while and never got comfortable hitting it. I can hit my 3 iron 230+ so distances wise I’m fine. I put it back in the bag and gave the Rescue to my son.
Driver 295 - 320 that's with roll out 3i: 230 + 4i: 215 5i: 190-205 6i: 175-185 7i: 165-175 8i: 145-155 9i: 130-145 Pw: 115-125 A: 95-110 54 deg: 95-115 58 deg: 85-95 60 deg: 70-85 68 deg: 35  allthough if I get to far under it 15 :(
I was waiting for these to come out to replace my R11. Now I will just wait till the R11s comes down $100 bucks after the release and buy one of them.
yep quite a few and always looking for something new.
Our 73 Challenger was in a Sonic commercial some years back and My 74 Pro Street Cuda made the Aug 1997 issue for Hot Rod magazine reader’s rides.  
  I bought the Wife a limited this past Christmas in the new black and she love the thing. I hate the seats mainly the head rest. It pushes my head to far forward in my opinion.   cars in the garage are 73 Plumb Crazy 550 Hp Dodge Challenger. 2001 C5 Corvette  
Just found the site while searching for some info on uniflex shafts. I’m currently staying and working in Overland Park Kansas but reside in San Antonio. Got to go where the work is. LOL  Anyway I’ve just picked Golf Back up this past spring with a bunch of the guys from the office. The last time I had played was back in 98 and the whole purpose of golf back then was how much beer could we drink between the green and tee box. I had a set of Lynx Black cats with titanium...
New Posts  All Forums: