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Thanks for this thread.  Very helpful for me and I am back to hitting my driver off tee instead of my 3W...
Shot 91....50 on front and 41 on back.  Hellacious first 3 holes, 6, 7, 7 then I got settled down and played much better.... Played Pinewood in Slidell, LA
I understand that the SuperSoft has been such a success that Callaway will likely come out with a new ball (probably same but re-marketed) and it will be about $5 more price wise.  
Leave the driver in the bag and hit your 3W....that's what I do...
Played Friday.  Shot a 99...Had 3 balls that should have been easily playable just off the fairway that were not found.  I figure that cost me at least 6 strokes--yep, it was frustrating...  As we were leaving, they were beginning to cut the rough a little for the weekend.
For the past 15 years or so, I have stayed with one putter.  Never have had another.  Been in the golf shop and tried others, but just can't get past my love for my SeeMore Original Bronze FGP Putter...What putter you using and for how long????? 
I have played KZG Forged 2 for about 15 years.  I have also used their Driver and FW wood.  Very nice clubs and since I have played them for a long time, I guess you could say I am happy with them.
I have driver (which I don't hit very often), 3 Wood, and then go to 3i Hybrid.  Hit 3 wood normally 230, 3i Hybrid about 190.  Would I benefit by having  4 Wood in the bag?  Currently only carry 12 clubs in the bag....Would a 4 Wood fit between the 3 Wood and the 3i Hybrid?
Did the same thing.  No one was home.  When I finished the round, told the guy at the pro shop, left him my name and number.  Never heard from anyone, but at least I made the effort.  My conscience is free and clear.  Do the right thing then you do not have to think about it any more...
New Posts  All Forums: