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I will be retiring March 31.  I currently have a MacBook Pro and and ipad that I will turn in.  Never really fell in love with the ipad, so as I get closer to retirement, I will need to get something.  Use will be deemed LIGHT, as I will really only use it for e-mail, surfing the web.  Not going to download or stream videos.   What might you guys recommend I look at?
Very much agree with BIRDIE for American Sniper... Also give Unbroken a BIRDIE...
George Thorogood and The Destroyers....Belagio in Biloxi, MS
Credence Clearwater Revival
Wife and I will both be retired 4-1-2015.  Currently we both have iphone 4s with unlimited talk and text.  Cost about $150 monthly.  Service is with ATT.  Anyone got any info or advice on decent prices for retirees.  My wife will not give up her smart phone while all I want is a simple phone that you can talk on and text on.  What direction should I be looking...?
Have had a See More putter for over 15 years.  Only putter I have ever had and still enjoy it.....It is a mallet type with no offset of the shaft...I just like the way it looks and feels...putts pretty good--at times :)
Think it will be 1 Bama, 2 Oregon, 3 TCU...I think that FSU will get beat tonight making it interesting for #4.  If FSU wins, they will be 4...
Well, remember that this is a different day than what I grew up in, I'm almost 66.  Someone around you has a camera with video waiting to put you on YouTube or give to the enforcers of the law and lawyers.  Might be embarrassing to have a live video of you getting your arse whipped go viral...My experience is that today, it is quite possible that anyone you deal with is armed in some way.     Unless you feel physically threatened and have no means to escape, you best...
I think 2 of the top 6 will lose this week....Both could be in the top 4.           
I played three rounds with the Duo to make a comparison with the Callaway Super Soft that I had been playing for the previous 5 or so rounds.  Overall, I have to say that the Super Soft is a better ball.  It was about 8 to 10 yards longer off the tee than the Duo and the Super Soft played a bit better around the green.  The Super Soft also feels a little better on the putter.  Note though, that I am a 18 handicapper so not an expert by any means.  Also, the cost of the...
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