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I have played KZG Forged 2 for about 15 years.  I have also used their Driver and FW wood.  Very nice clubs and since I have played them for a long time, I guess you could say I am happy with them.
I have driver (which I don't hit very often), 3 Wood, and then go to 3i Hybrid.  Hit 3 wood normally 230, 3i Hybrid about 190.  Would I benefit by having  4 Wood in the bag?  Currently only carry 12 clubs in the bag....Would a 4 Wood fit between the 3 Wood and the 3i Hybrid?
Did the same thing.  No one was home.  When I finished the round, told the guy at the pro shop, left him my name and number.  Never heard from anyone, but at least I made the effort.  My conscience is free and clear.  Do the right thing then you do not have to think about it any more...
I play the whites, or something around 6200 yds, give or take a couple of hundred.  I know my limits, being a 18 handicap, playing the back tees just extends the time it takes me to play a round of golf...not the drive, but the other shots getting to the green seem to change from the whites back to the rear tees...hope that makes sense.
I play the "whites"...I think people that are fairly high handicappers (like me) slow the pace when they play from the longer tees...
So, is the penalty different for a ball that is "LOST" than for a ball that goes into the "WATER HAZARD"...not being a wise guy, I really do not know.  I am a once a week or so hacker and want to make sure I am scoring/playing correctly.  Thanks...
65 years old, still hit the ball decently (just not always straight or on target), carry 19 HDCP...I play from the tees that give me 6000 yds +/- a few....I like to play a pretty quick pace and do not need the ego boost to say I "played from the tips"....I play because I enjoy it, not because I need to push the limits...I will not play from the "Senior" tees....I would love to shoot in 80's consistently...If I did, I would still play form the tees I play from now.
There is a recall with an issue involving the Throttle Body...Ask you dealer about that and have them check the alternator while in the shop....You can get it started and disconnect the battery.  If alternator is good, it should still run.  If bad, it will die....My wife has a 2011 Ford Escape XLT and I had to change the battery 2 months ago.  Was 1800 miles out of warranty.   
Callaway Super Soft...$19.99 a dozen....give 'em a try...I think you will like them.
Not much.  Been traveling so just gonna hang around the house.  Tradition is grilling hot dogs with the works, potato salad, cake and ice cream, and beer.  Sit around this evening and watch the fireworks shows on TV...not much, but I do need this day or R & R...
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