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Not a fan, but the man can play some golf....
Snakes:  I live in S. Louisiana and every course has water/marsh/swamp on it.  Nothing to go looking for a ball and see a couple of cotton mouth or copperhead snakes. Alligators:  There is water, there are alligators.  Problem is some people feed them and they expect everyone that comes around to feed them.
I have reached a point where 240 in the fairway with the driver is good.  On a 360 yd. par 4, 120 from the fairway is a lot better for me than 100 out of the trees.
2010 Ford F150 SCREW Vermillion Red Bought it new on July 4, 2010
110 and be very happy
$100 million and I give away $99 million...
I would love to belong to a CC.  I am not a very good golfer (18 hdcp) but enjoy playing.  I am not willing to put out the money at this time as I am nearing retirement.  I will agree that on the finer courses I have played, it is nice to know that the greens are not bumpy, that people fix their ball marks and divots.  The remark about being behind high handicappers makes me wonder if it is only they that play slow.  I like to play at a quick pace, and have found that I...
I had a fox take my ball once and no one believes me.  I know the ball was on the right side of the fairway.  Walking, so I get about 30 yds from tee box and look up and a fox is running across the fairway with my ball in his mouth.  I did not take a stroke!!!!!!!
Stretch a little, hit some on the range.  Hit about 10 balls with the 9i, hit about 7 balls with Driver.  Head to the 1st tee.
Like many, I suppose, my idea of rehydrating and nutrition was a bottle of Gator Aid and a Snickers bar at the turn. As I have aged, I now need at least 3 bottles of water per round (actually 4, as I drink one on the way to the course) and  a couple of nutrition (protein) bars and/or an apple.  As the temp rises, I try to really hydrate before I get on the course.   Rule before and while playing:  No beer, no candy or chips
New Posts  All Forums: