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Really start the downswing with your lower body, not hands and arms.
Don't move your head so much.   Watch this: 
First, wear a band-aid.  Second, your swing probably needs to be smoother.  Grip pressure should come from the pinkie, ring and middle of your left hand, and middle and ring of your right hand.  Your fingers should be working together, not moving separately against each other.  
You are supposed to basically sweep with the driver, the club ascends slightly to impact.  The other clubs should strike the ball descending.  
I have literally never seen a head roll so much as in the first video here. 
I don't know guys.  This thread is filled with sub 10 handicaps who are referencing problems losing balls, going OB, and taking penalties.  I did not know it was possible to break into the single digits while regularly spraying drives.  I am not in that league, but seeing this repeatedly is surprising.    Again, we need to benchmark our games and practice our weaknesses.  For my part, I just concluded a nine-hole round where I shot 43 with 21 putts.  The greens were...
You have a good swing, but you probably could hinge your wrists sooner in the backswing.  This would promote a slightly steeper swing and have fewer thin shots.  Some people have a pretty full wrist hinge when the arms reach parallel.
What are the lofts of the wedges you have?   You need a three wood and another wedge.  
What do you mean by "arms only sand wedge"?  I do not like the sound of that.
I wince whenever someone refers to golf shoes as stylish.  The raging popularity of "street" golf shoes has caused plenty of overly optimistic comments about the viability of golf shoes in non-golfing venues.  No matter how much I might like the Ecco, True, FJ street, or Kikkor shoes on the course, I can't see these passing for cool in non-athletic settings.    It reminds me of wearing the bright-colored side-vent polyester tech golf shirts in a nightlife venue; this...
New Posts  All Forums: