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I read somewhere that Harrington had this done, taking pains to make a hybrid just like an iron, but with the clubhead.  It enables you to swing like an iron, but utilize the lower COG and mass of the larger head.    I have a stock nike slingshot, and a major tendency to hook my 20 degree hybrid.  Problem was I just threw it in the bag and found it easy to hit.  After the honeymoon, I realized it was going too frequently left, unless I really paid attention to it.  It has...
Water is exactly what you need.  As mentioned, a banana can be helpful.  I also think apples, almonds or walnuts make an ideal snack.   One concern with diet soda should be the phosphoric acid and caffeine that are leaching the calcium from your bones.  Especially older folks need to be mindful of this.  Of course there's lots of toxins in sodas generally and the whole basket may slow your kidneys.
Nice.   I have a blank b/w stand bag with no name on it.  Got it new on ebay for $25-30.  It is made by "Precise".  Works great - and I personally prefer not having a brand or logo all over everything, including shirts and hats.  You know you pay extra for the brand, no matter who made the bag.  I do have a headcover and towel from my college to liven things up though.
I think $1 per drink is generous and that is what I do.  It is an odd job, and I don't think of it as difficult, but I know that golfers can be off-putting.  The nearest comparable job might be restaurant hostess, except it is of course outdoors.  There are many professions related or unrelated to golf where the work is much more difficult and nobody tips you, greets you or thanks you.    The only time I have an instinct to not tip someone relates to travel: I never...
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