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Works ok for Patrick Reed
I didn't read through all 47 pages of this but, I believe it's only good for keeping score and possibly fws and girs.  Some of my rounds it will show me a good distance away from where I actually tagged the shot.  I use it mainly to keep track of scoring, putts, and GIRs.  The club distances are never going to be accurate either cause I could be hitting knock down shots in the wind or whatever.
lol good trolling.  Going from B flight to A flight wow way to spot some talent lmfao..  pretty soon after only 3 short years he will be breaking 80 WOW!!!
I'll tell you it sucks bad.  It took longer to recover from that than back surgery.  Even now it's not 100%.  Hope you didn't tear it bad cause you could be out for 6-9 months.  Sent you a PM back.
Been a long time.  I tore my ECU tendon in my left wrist in May 2014 and was out for the entire year.  Slowly getting it back had to make a few changes to take some pressure off wrist and changed release pattern some.  Also put on a few pounds.... Here is a few swings from a couple months ago.  I'll post some updated ones later this week.    
Sorry I haven't logged in here forever just noticed this was going on.  I was out most of the year with a torn ECU tendon in my wrist.  Started playing again few months ago.  I'm in if there is still spots available sounds like a blast.
 Mike Austin talked about this before you were born...
If I were to start over I wouldn't have changed certain things in my swing.  I started playing late in life (mid 20s) and broke par right after my second year playing.  My swing wasn't pretty but, I hit the ball fairly far and very solid.  I got so hung up on making it look better and function better that I went to all kinds of different swing instructors and basically destroyed my swing.  I did have back surgery half way through my 3rd year so that was a big reason why I...
They've done this before and it's not as low as you might think it would be.   http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/07/01/AR2007070101221_2.html   Good read.
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