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 Mike Austin talked about this before you were born...
If I were to start over I wouldn't have changed certain things in my swing.  I started playing late in life (mid 20s) and broke par right after my second year playing.  My swing wasn't pretty but, I hit the ball fairly far and very solid.  I got so hung up on making it look better and function better that I went to all kinds of different swing instructors and basically destroyed my swing.  I did have back surgery half way through my 3rd year so that was a big reason why I...
They've done this before and it's not as low as you might think it would be.   http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/07/01/AR2007070101221_2.html   Good read.
That was my question too.  Sounds like he never hits one off line and is a 25 must have the worst short game in history of golf
Jimmy Walker -10 Angel Cabrera -11 Trevor Immelman -10
Been struggling lately and went back through some old swings when I was playing my best.  This was back in 2011 and I really like the extension I had and how my hips are higher and not as collapsed.  This was the best I ever hit and Now I'm wondering why I ever started messing with it.  It's been up and down last 3 years and swing has transformed into some ugly looking things.   What do you guys think?  
Coronado is good and Kaneohe Klipper golf course in hawaii    
I didn't see any of his long game stuff but, thought some of his short game stuff was good
You seem to be have an awesome time talking to yourself int his thread but, I would highly recommend being cautious with your anti over the top move you seem to be ingraining.  You are really going to open an entire mess dropping that trail shoulder and getting your shoulders super closed to shallow the club.  Causes your path to be to rightward and shoulders to work more tilty and club to overtake super fast.
  lmfao Where are you hitting it on the face of the driver I"m guessing really low ?  Maybe a little more axis tilt at setup and feel like your chest is more over your right leg.  Hey maybe you need to move your change from your left pocket to your right and turn your hat around backwards who knows.
New Posts  All Forums: