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Awesome was hoping it wasn't something wrong with my hardware thanks.
Last few rounds I've played when I've went to upload it's given me upload fail.
I like how he says the shots go straight then pulls one 15 yards
no not in those swings but, thats from me working on not doing it.  I agree with the ball position with the driver there.  I was doing a drill trying to not rotate the hips much there to keep them in flexion on the face on driver so I wouldn't EE as bad.
Still battling some of the same old things and started early extendiing more this year no idea why so trying to fix that right now.   St  
Can't go wrong with Turtle Bay.  They make a fantastic chicken sandwich as well.  Koolau Golf Club is fun but, always wet and not an easy course.
Works ok for Patrick Reed
I didn't read through all 47 pages of this but, I believe it's only good for keeping score and possibly fws and girs.  Some of my rounds it will show me a good distance away from where I actually tagged the shot.  I use it mainly to keep track of scoring, putts, and GIRs.  The club distances are never going to be accurate either cause I could be hitting knock down shots in the wind or whatever.
lol good trolling.  Going from B flight to A flight wow way to spot some talent lmfao..  pretty soon after only 3 short years he will be breaking 80 WOW!!!
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