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Last year I played several times in the middle of the afternoon during July and August.  The worst had a heat index around 108º with high humidity.  It was brutal, couldn't drink enough water and never had to pee.
Lately I like Landshark and Dos Equis (green bottle). I love wheat beers but they give me headaches.
Interesting.  At the Heritage, the tickets indicated no cell phones allowed on site.  But, there was not a single person checking for cell phones...possibly because the Heritage is a drunken party rather than golf tournament.
I tried plastic tees because I liked the idea of greater durability but they deform after just a couple of uses and basically become worthless. They are also more difficult to shove into the ground.
I generally start out with my 7-iron since it is my "best" club (most predictable).  I then work down to my long irons and hybrids, then pull out the wedges.  Lastly, I hit about 30 balls with my 3w and driver.   Lately I've been using alignment rods.  Have had a hard time in the past making sure I was aligned to my target.   What I focus on at the range:   -Hands following a line parallel to my feet -Hitting down on the ball -Weight shifting...
I have this problem.  One way for me to help ensure a proper weight shift is to place more weight on my left foot at address.  As you get the feel for it, it will happen automatically without having to have disproportionate weight on your two feet.  Before I started working with an instructor, my club would sometimes bottom out 10" behind the ball as I hung back on my right foot.
  Agreed.  But it still irritates me when idiots refer to people that like jeans as "animals."  What about men that are not clean-shaven--they're not "animals" even though some of them resemble gorillas with mange?   The biggest problem I have with the dress codes in golf is the hypocrisy in maintaining a specific image; okay, jeans aren't allowed...big deal.  BUT, they allow men to wear shorts and have scruffy faces?  Or some courses that ban ankle-height socks?  Or...
I do not want to be around anyone using tobacco products.  I do not want to smell cigarettes and cigars, and I do not want to see a spit cup (disgusting).  I get so tired of smokers imposing their nasty habit on me but it is amusing how in many cases, asking them to not smoke is considered an imposition on them. 
  I assure you my friend that every pair of jeans I own (about 15 overall) each costs more than the pants AND shirt you wear to the golf course.  I also assure you if I did choose to wear jeans and a QUALITY polo to a golf course, I would still look far more presentable than 90% of the golfers that show up in shorts and a crappy faded, stretched cotton polo.   That said, I do wear "proper" golf clothing but am highly amused by your disdain for jeans--I bet you're a lot of...
I used to leave the driver in my bag, and even started a thread on here wondering how many other people do not play their drivers.  I started taking lessons and now largely have a proper swing that allows me to get desirable results with a driver. 
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