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I go to stockcar racing pretty regularly. It is just like you NASCAR except not nearly so fancy.
I see golf is more expensive in the US. As I previously said I paid £80 for my membership, I either paid in January or February, can't remember which. Anyway, it costs £8 for a day ticket if you are not a member, and if I had not paid for a membership, I would have paid more than that in green fees already. I can play the course in around an hour and a half as I usually skip holes 7 and 8, the layout allows this to be done. The club is fairly junior friendly, but there are...
I know a few people who have more than one driver in their bag, I do not know why. I knew someone who didn't have a driver (he had broken both it and his putter, and has now replaced both). I was also unsure of how many clubs you are allowed. Thanks for your help.
Some funny pictures, related to golf; Page 1 Page 2
Could anyone answer the following; 1. How many clubs are you allowed to take round with you during a round? 2. Are you allowed two of the same type of club? e.g. a normal driver and an oversize driver
Right, as promised, I will give you an update on how my green is doing. Not so good unfortunatley, having forgotten to cut it for a while. I have done so earlier today, it isnt too bad. I now have a pin, made by my grandfather, who is also trying to find me a large barrel to use as a roller as I cannot get a proper one (no-one anywhere near sells them). I will eventually make a larger and more advanced green. My father also had an idea. You see, our garden is on 2 levels,...
I will play at any time of day, but I probably like noon, or just after, about 1pm. I can end up going round the 9 hole course 3 times in one day, on a weekend. Tomorrow is the last day of school before "Summer Vacation" as you call it, during which I like to play at the time mentioned, otherwise, whenever I get the chance, usually about 5pm on a normal day.
I like Maxfi, Topflite and Precept. I buy boxes of second-hand golf balls usually. They include various brands. I have difficulty with some Nike balls though.
I am not sure of the average width of my home course's fairways, but the #6 seems to have widened since I was last there.
I am a member of a Peterhead Golf Club. I am only allowed to use the nine-hole course. I paid £80 for my membership, I am not sure how much that would be in US dollars, according to http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi, it is $145.849.
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