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Tiger Woods -16 Phil Mickleson -14 Rory Mcllroy -13
@glock, that is the set i go and its from rockbottomgolf.com
that is long drive. 
thanks gixxer. How far west?   the only way he will play with a 4some is with the group he plays with during the week. He lives in a 55+ active senior community and they only play with that group
i am in raleigh, gixxer.    I have talked to him about fast play and He just brushes it off.    I do shoot over 100 and i want to get better. When I play more, I can fast play but i think he doesnt remember that i am new to the game.    I want to get better where i can play fast ball.
That time is for full 18.   I have told him that he pace it to fast for me and just gets mad. We are following the group in front of us and he was getting mad that he had to wait for them to go. I would with other ppl but i dont have anyone to go with
well last we played it took us about 3 hrs. keep in mind that was with a cart but still shouldnt be that quick. he kept saying in the cart with the club we were using, dont put it away or clean it til we get to the ball or the next hole or even write down the score
good ideas. I have good relations with all of them. wife and mother in law are mad that he does cause the both know that i am still learning and know that he does this all the time even when people he knows and play with regular bases.    I am going to try to talk the wife and get out sunday to play if we are not busy or next saturday
I started playing about a year ago and i played 18 maybe twice but played 9 many times. The problem I have is that I always play with my father in law. I love him but he is a fast ball player. He worries more about everything else but us playing. He always wanted to hurry up and get done. I talked to my wife and mother in law, they said something and I feel took resentment to it. I want to find a group to go out with here in NC that is more my speed until I get better...
thanks glock, i was actually looking at those. everything i found them ppl seem to love them and give them good ratings.
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