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H-4 looks best out of everything I have seen this year.  Don't know if I could give up the Adams A4's or if I will ever be good enough for new clubs, but damn the H-4 is $$.  Thanks Mike for the video. 
Tony,   In between the bouts of shoveling and snowboarding I have been incorporating the Golfflexx almost daily.  So far so good.  My shoveling form is top notch ;)  Hopefully whenever spring comes I will be able to report back properly.  
IF you want to read up on some quick, different and extremely effective KB workouts, take a look at Geoff Neupert.  He has a site, blog, etc www.chasingstrength.com is one.  His double kb training is really good.  You can't find one that is longer than 15 min, and you won't need it to be. 
Due to lack of being able to play much golf I haven't been checking in much.  Glad to see this thread is alive and well.  Still doing Bells 3 times a week.  Snowboarding season has begun as well.   Today. 3x8 R+L single leg DL (held 35lb, and 44lbs)  3x10 Renegade rows (53,62) Power Plank :30 x 3 with a 70lb bell   Then 3 rounds of on the minute, but in 3 min intervals, with a 3 min break between.  Finish the following in the 3 min interval   30...
Heavy Day   DBL Russian Swings 4 x 10 (44-53s) Squats R+L 4 x 5 (44-70) Push Press R + L 4 x 5 (53-70) DBL Cleans 4 x 5 (53-70) Snatch R + L 4 x 5 (53-70) Toes 2 Bar 4 x 10 1/4 Turkish Get Ups R + L 4 x 5 (53, 62)   Then went wake surfing with the wife and kids.
1 min max reps per movement, 15 sec rest between movements, 2 min rest between rounds, 3 rounds   Swings Pull ups DBL straight leg DL Burpees Swing - Catch Pull over situps Plank   med wt is called for  I used 44s and 35 for pull over. 
Quick update.  Still going 3 x a week.  Not been posting them up.  Try to remember this month to get back on here.  I saw the ? about being tight and playing the same day after working out.  I have actually come to like it.  The tight feeling really makes me feel "connected"  As long as my hip flexors feel loose, I think it helps.     Yesterday.   3x12 Straight arm sit ups with db Kettle bells (26s, 35s)    Then 10 rounds of the following.    Double...
Still hitting k bells and x fit 3 times a week.  A bunch of Mtn Biking along with wake surfing too.  Wish there was more golf but the other stuff has been quite fun.  Workouts are going great, just got tired of typing them all out.  Hope everyone is feeling strong this summer. 
TGU R+L 4x1 Thrusters R+L 4x5    Then   On the Minute (finish the reps then rest for the remainder of the minute) Finish each movement then move on   Reps   20   Russian Swings (5 min) 5     Snatches + 10 OH Lunges R (3 min) 5     Snatches + 10 OH Lunges L (3 min) 10   Kickouts + Tuck Jump (4 min) 15   Swing Catches (3 min) 25   V Ups (2 min)   53 lb kb   Back in Tucson for a few days, it is HOT even inside in the AC.  Not used to it
Ding ding ding, we have a winner folks!
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