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No I don't feel my back bow. I feel my glutes getting a real good stretch.  My posture is good.  Personally, I wouldn't take my eyes to the sky, horizon maybe, but do what you think is best.  Appreciate the concern. 
Agreed.  Surprised that I don't need much weight in each hand for it to be effective.  I started doing them on a bench so i can get the weights (kbells) lower than my feet.  
10 pull ups then immediately 10 push ups, 3 sets dbl straight legged DL 3x10    For time: 50 dbl cleans (44s) 40 Pullover situps (35) 30 Burpees 20 Snatches R+L (44) 10 Thrusters R+L (44)   I did it in 11:50
Wow, cool story.  What year was she in the Olympics?
Swings 3x20 (70) 1/2 TGU 3x5 r+l (53)   For time, the following = 1 rep  Swing catch, Goblet Lunge R, Goblet Lunge L, Push Press that is 1   65 of those for time.     14:23 with a 62.  
I resemble this remark.  I know everyone is different, but is that a thought similar to getting the lead knee heading down target line before bs is complete?  Sliding hips is BY FAR the hardest thing for me.  
Just read this whole thread.  Awesome.  Great work.  Really wish I lived closer to San Diego!
Heavy day   High Pulls 4x10 (62x2,70x2) Snatches R+L 4x5 (53,62x2,70) DBL Cleans & Thrusters 4x5 (44sx3, 53) Pistols R+L to exhaustion TGU 5x1 (53,62) Farmers Walk 3x10 laps (70s) 1 min rest in between. 
KB Pushups 3x12 Partner Glute Ham Raises 3x12   Then Tabata Intervals -- 2 min rest between movements   Snatches R+L (10 rounds alternating r+l) Alternate Plank and V ups (10 rounds) Alternate Burpees and American Swings (12 rounds)   53lb kb
Partner workout day.   4 rounds of Alternating  1 person runs/rows 800 m  while the other person does As Many Rounds As Possible of   6 Pull Ups 9 Goblet Squats (62lb) 12 BW Lunges   I got in 13 rounds of the circuit in and we finished in 32 min 
New Posts  All Forums: