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Great write up Erik!  I am in on the forefoot strike, at least I want to be.  Probably more mid foot but working on it.  Since sliding over into more Crossfit style workouts I find that wearing super flat shoes (no padding on the heels, New Balance Minimus, Vans,etc) are great to keep you back on your mid foot/ heel area while lifting, and great at getting you forward while running.  I have a friend involved with Somniorunning.com and I think their fitting system for...
This workout has several names, I go with BFT   Double Kb for all the following.  Timed event.  6 rounds with 6 reps per movment.  2 35lb kb is rx    Russian swings  Thrusters  Snatches  Squats  Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls  6 Renegade rows (62lbs on these)   Not very fast, but I finished pretty strong.  13:28    Not going to hold back on Turkey day, I earned it!
Feeling sluggish today.  Don't know if it is all the shoveling or the depression about Cutler and the Bears?   Today: Rowed 1000 meters at a 2min/500 pace, pretty slow, but a good warm up.    4 rounds, move from one to the other switching on the minute, with a 2 min break at the end of each round.  53 lbs kettle bell   Russian swings Left hand :30 sec Russian swings Right hand : 30 sec Swing catch to Strict Press  American Swings Jumping...
I forgot to mention the off days now seem to involve moving 6" of heavy wet snow!  I already miss golf.
Wow, gone already?  6:30 Pacific time and it's not there.  Thanks though for posting it up.
Ok I have been hesitant to list out my workouts because they aren't golf specific anymore.  I switched over to strict KettleBell program over 2 years ago, but now I have started incorporating a lot more X fit into it. I just try to stretch A LOT with heavy focus on golf problem areas.  I converted 2 bays of the garage into a full blow gym.  Lot's of mirrors and makes for good slow motion golf swings, but no net to hit balls.  Concept 2 rowing machine is the only piece of...
New Posts  All Forums: