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Ok, that makes more sense.   I am a fan of the Pistol.  You are doing the workouts and are in good shape, Pistols are more about flexibility than strength.  It is a long process, a few months, but a definite goal in the x-fit/kbell world.  Work your way into it.  Start with going from top down and rolling out on to your back SLOWLY whenever you can't maintain balance.  Then do sets of them where you start out in a L sit with hands on K bells and stand up from that...
Dbl Russian swings 4x10 Snatches R+L 4x5 DBL Cleans and  Strict Press 4x5 DBL DL 4x5 TGU 8x1 each side   Pile of Ab stuff and worked on Pistols at the end.  
I am confused?  Are you saying that you are rolling to outside of your foot while working out or while swinging a club? Or you just roll your foot when you stand? Or walk?
Rowed 2K for warm up   3x10 pull ups 3x8 squats (53,62,70)   3 rounds of    dbl squats 8 Snatches 8 R+L Cleans + Thruster R+L 8 Bent Rows R+L 8   It was for time, but I wasn't feeling it.  Made it through but it was really hard today. 
3x10 pull ups 3x8 r+l dbl dl (35,44,53)   Then a partner "I go you go" 20 rounds total   20 swings 5 burpees   70lb kb    Not sure how fast we went?  He bailed on the 6th rd.  Just getting started though, so I didn't give him any grief.     By the way, 2nd round of golf this year sucked.  90 w 12penalty strokes.  Left side of the golf course was no place to be. 
Got a mtn bike ride in this afternoon, nice weather in the 60's    This morning   4x10 R+L Swings (44,53) 4x3 DBL Snatches (35,44) 4x3 DBL Clean and Push Press (44,53) 4x3 DBL Squats (44,53,63) 2 sets of pull ups to exhaustion 4x10 V ups 4x1 min Plank    Playing Golf tomorrow!  
Thanks Mike.  Makes perfect sense.  I am long way from being there but it's nice to know where the road map goes next.  
Mike, In that first video Dana is talking about that guy getting up on his right toe and the effect it has on his weight shift and balance.  It seems really opposite to the "banking of the right foot" that is talked about on here often.  Is there something specific to that gentleman that makes that advice valid, or just a difference in opinion compared to 5SK?
Chin ups 3x8 Turkish Get Ups 3x6 (53,62)   3 rounds for time of....   15 DBL DL 70 20 Burpees 15 American Swings (70)   10:35....very hard, not quite done feeling sick with the lung thing. 
VO2 Max formula today. :20 on :10 off for 10 rounds. 30 min total.   7 Snatches R 7 Snatches L 5 Cleans with Push Press R 5 Cleans with Push Press L 10 Goblet Squats 10 Knees to Elbows   Started with 53lb then dropped to 44lb after 3rd round.    A little over a week off being sick set me back a bit.  
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