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So I am going to try a new program out that I had to pay for called Kettle Bell Burn 2.0  The guy's name is Geoff Neupert.  Since he has his stuff protected I won't post it up.  Didn't start it yet but going to later this week.  Back to the basics of Kettle Bells.  Less Cross Fit style.  For example today I did 20 min of :20 on :40 off of just swings with a 62 really focusing on my form.  L sit pull ups and pushups with a bunch of toes to bar.  In and out in 30 min....
Forgot to put down Wed.  End of the ski season this weekend.  Going to start really working on golf stuff and switch over to mtn biking on off days.    Wed was DBl Russian swings 3x15 (44,53) Russian twists 3x50 (held a 26lb kb)   Then a partner "I go, you go" I didn't have a partner so I just ran a stop watch and rested for the same amount of time as I took to complete each set.   10 DBL DL 5 DBL Cleans 5 burpees 10 Jumping pull ups    I used...
Dbl clean & thrusters 3x8 (44s) Toes to Bar 3x15   Then As Many Rounds As Possible in 15 min of the following'   5 Squats R+L 5 Snatches R+L 5 pushups   53 lb KB   I got in 12 rounds.     Not to psyched about that # even though it was after a day of snowboarding, but need to up my conditioning a bit. Felt really gassed by the 8th round
rowed for 2000 meters then   dbl high pulls 3x10 (44,53,62) Clean and Strict Press R+L 3x5 (44,53) Squats R+L (3x5) (53,62,70) Dbl Snatches 3x5 (35, 44) Chest to bar pull ups 3x10 TGU 3x1 r+l Farmers walk as many laps of garage as I can with 70s    
DBL 1 legged deadlifts 3x8 (used 44s,53lastround) Chin ups 3x10   Then TABATA intervals, 8 rounds of each exercise with a 2 min break between each exercise   American Swings (53) Grasshoppers DBL DL with kickouts (53s) Knees 2 Elbows and Plank Pikes (alternate)   Needed a lot of foam roller before and after to get loose!  More snow tonight!
Farmers lunges 3x10 (5r,5l) 44-53 Side Planks 3x1 min r+l   Then for time complete the following laddering down from 8,7,6, etc   Snatches R+L Body weight squats Pushups Thrusters R+L    I used a 53.  Took me 15:25 total.  
Happy belated Bday Erik! Age is a great motivator for me. 39 is when I started working out for real. Better at 40,41 and soon 42 than I was at 30. Good for you.   Bull, glad to hear you season has started. I am trying to be positive and hope for the best up here. Worse comes to worse, i am driving to a range in the next 10 days.   Ran out of time do to a real one, so I made up a quick one. 15 to 20 min total time. Set the clock for 8 minutes and just did dbl...
I am skipping my workout today.  Legs are shot.  Over 18" of new snow in the last two days.  More tonight.  I just can't get the steam to go do a bunch of stuff for time.  My first missed workout in a LONG time.  Try to make it up this weekend.  I am jealous of all those playing golf. 
Thrusters r+l 3x5 (started with 44-62) Renegade Plank 3x1min   Then on the top of every 3rd minute complete the following: (21min, 7 rds) The faster you finish the more rest you get!   15 American swings 13 Kickouts (up&downs w/out going up) 13 Goblet Thrusters   53 lb kettlebell   Fairly winded at the end of each round!
Sorry, flooded basement took over and I have been away.     Regular Russian (kettle bell swing) with two hands simply taken all the way to vertical, kind of a two handed snatch.  Just keep going up with a regular swing and end up in a vertical body line, inside of tricep area even with your ears.    
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