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The amount of snow we have received in N Idaho has been nothing short of amazing.  Been snowboarding at least 3 days a week for a few hours at least.  Doing workouts afterwards.  Not easy, but the results of working out have really shown thru my riding this year.  It isn't a waste of time!  Hopefully it helps with Golf whenever that might be.   Today.     Max Strict Pull ups 3x5 (13,9,7) Double OH lunges r+l  3x5 (35s)    Then for time,   3 rounds of...
Sigh.  Winter storm warnings for the rest of the week.  It is a LONG way away still.
Turkish Get Ups 4x2 on each side  (53,62s)   Then :15 on and :15 off for 30 minutes.  Ten rounds of the following   High Pulls Right (8 in the :15 sec on period) High Pulls Left (8) Goblet Squats (7) Grasshoppers (16) American Swings (7) Goblet Push Press (9)   53lbs    Felt good doing it, was able to hit all the recommended reps, but already sore tonight.
Wow, 64 Erik.  Cooler me jealous.  It might make it to 40 today here!   Heavy day   1/2 TGU R+L 3x3 (62s) Clean & Strict Press 3x3 (53s, 62) Squat R+L 3x3 (62s, 70) Snatches R+L 3x3 (70) Kipping Pull ups 3x15 1 min rest in between Farmers Lunges 3x6 (44s, 53) 6 laps of bottoms up farmers walk (35s) then immediately 1 min static hang. 3 sets.  
Renegade rows 4x12 (started w 62s, dropped to 53) DBL DL 4x6     Then 1 min ON 1 min OFF (3 rounds)  The following are target reps for the rx weight   30 Snatches (15 r+l) 30 American Swings Pull over sit-ups ( active recovery, I didn't count and used a 35) 20 Burpees   53 lbs was the rx weight.     
Make a point of listing your workouts in the "Your workout today" it helps keep you motivated.
Dbl rack and hold with 3 dbl clean & push press every 30 seconds for 2 min (1 min rest, increase wgt every round)  44 was too much, backed down to 35s     Then me and a partner did as many rounds as possible in 20 min of....   15 dbl russian swings 10 dbl cleans 3 dbl squats    While the other partner holds plank.....   44s were rx, make it through 8.5 rounds
Gotcha, I see Kettle Bells and anything and it gets my attention.     Today, after two days of unreal snowboarding.  We have had 58" in the last 6 days.  I miss golf a lot, but this has been a nice diversion.    Inverted Rows 4x12 ( 53s) Dbl Russian Swings 4x15 ( 35s and 44s)   Then a partner even.  You Go, I Go for time.  7 Rounds of......   15 American Swings 12 Jumping Pull Ups 200 meters of Rowing     62 lb KB for swings It took about 22 minutes, but my partner was...
Just wondering what this consist of?  I am always tweaking my workouts and do lot's of different ones, just wondering if you care to elaborate?
Squats R+L 4x6 (53,62) KB push ups 4x15    Then... Two minute AMRAPs for each exercise with :30 seconds of rest in between   1/2 Turkish Get ups R 1/2 Turkish Get ups L 10 Snatches R+L BW squats High Pulls Kickouts Goblet Thrusters    53 lb kb had to drop to 44 lb for left side TGU
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