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Rowed 1500 m as warm up   Then   Bottoms up press r+L 4x1 35-44 (couldn't keep the 53 steady) DBL DL 4x8 (70s) TGU R+L 4 x 1 = (53-70) Pistols r+l 4x1 Kipping pull ups 4x15 1 min rest in between Power Plank (70lbs for 1:13) DBL rack and hold 3x2 min, 1 min rest 53s  This was first time I tried this, really hard.  Couldn't make it past 1:40 
No you are correct, I didn't proof read. My typing got dyslexic. What I meant was I have to feel like I am just picking up my right arm, or just folding it from the beginning of the bs to get it to look like that.  I can't actually ever do it in a real swing though.  I have WAY more problems going on than just that as well, just a oversimplified thought I was trying to drum up some support for.  Nothing is that easy.  Anyway, thanks for the posting updates on your swing,...
Erik,   I work on this in a mirror, the keeping the right elbow in front of shirt seam, my feeling is that I have to go much more "walrus" than "war chant".  Almost just lift the right arm straight up to start the swing.  I can't actually hit balls yet, and this has NEVER seeped into my real swings, but I "feel" like that is a good path for someone who gets too deep.  Is there any of that feeling for you when you actually get into a good position at the top of your bs?
Strict  Pull ups 3x10 Dbl Squats 3x10 (44s)   For time complete reps of 18-16-14    DBL Russian Swings Body weight squats DBL Sumo Dead lift High Pulls Dbl Clean & Lunge (1 rep is dbl clean, lunge right, dbl clean, lunge left = 2, etc)   First time I have done this.  It was very hard.  The last movement was the worst.     13:43 was my time
Dbl stiff legged DL 3x10 (44lb kbs) Dbl clean and push press 3x10 (44lbs)   Then four 5 min AMRAP's with no rest in between    AMRAP # 1 5 Burpees 5 Snatches R+L    AMRAP # 2  15 Russian Swings 15 Pullover Sit ups (35lbs)   AMRAP # 3  20 Grasshoppers 5 High Pulls R+L    AMRAP # 4 7 Swing Catch & Goblet Squat 7 Pushups   53 lb KB   This was a good one.  First time I have done it with no rest in between sets.  It was good to...
Love this site!  Forgot about it.  Thanks for posting this.  Can never get my IT band to feel "loose" but I keep trying.  
Yesterday, heavy day   American Swings 3x10 (62,70) Bottoms Up farmers walk 3x8 laps (26s, 35) High Pulls R+L 3x3 (62,70) Snatches 3x3 (62,70) Squats R+L 3x3 (53s,62s) Strict Press R+L 3x3 (44,53) Max time chin up hold....only a minute 3?  Don't know what happened?  Worked?    
Ain't that the truth.  2 years into it and I am still blown away how often I get my butt kicked.  You think you are in shape and then....   Today   Bench Rows R+L 3x10 (53) Pistols R+L 3x5   Then for time.. 50 pull ups (kipping allowed) 50 pushups 50 sit-ups 50 squats  800 m run ( 26 and snowing hard, I rowed 800 instead)   15:46 was my time.  Not real stoked on it.  Room for improvement.  
Rowed 1200 meters for warm up.   Turkish Get Ups 4x2 R+L (44,53s) Double Thrusters 3x5 (44s)   Then 1 min on 1 min off of Russian Swings with a 53.     Much harder than I thought.  Hand/forearms cramps were the worst.   Pull over sit ups and pull ups to finish
Weighted pushup planks 4x 1 min dbl russian swings 4v 15 with (44s and dropped down to 35s)   Then for time, 2 rounds of...   20 clean & push press r+l 20 SDHP 20 American swings 20 Goblet squats    62lb kb   My time......forgot to push the start button on the stop watch app on my phone!  Never even looked down once during the thing to notice.  First time I have done that. I guess it was between 10 and 20 min!      
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