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Wife in hospital all week, really threw everything out of wack.  Threw a fast one in tonight.  Back to normal next week.    Rowed 1500 m   Then did 5,5,5 for 5 minutes for a warm up.  5 swings, 5 clean, 5 squats, 5 high pulls, 5 snatches R+L non stop for 5 minutes   Then   3x4 dbl swings  3x4 dbl cleans 3x4 dbl snatches 3x4 dbl squats 3x4 dbl sumo dead lift high pulls 3x4 dbl push press   V ups and pull ups till failure   Took about 35...
Schedule has been all messed up lately.  Did get back on track yesterday.   KB Pushups 3x12 DBL DL 3x8 (70's)   Then for 20 minutes, partnered up and You go, I go....as many rounds as possible.   5 Russian Swings 5 High Pulls  5 American Swings  5 Burpees   62lb was the recommend weight.   We only got 13 rounds in.  Pretty bummed.  At least I got moving again.  Can do better on this next time.     
Back at it today.     Single arm inverted rows 3x10 (53)   Dbl Bulgarian Squats R+L 3x6 (35s)   Then 4 rounds of :40 on and :20 off with 1 min break in between each set   Snatches R+L (53)  Body weight squats  Kickouts Dbl Cleans (35s)    
Erik, What do you anticipate the prerequisite to be for potential instructors?  
Missed my first workout since June on Tuesday.  Got really sick with upper respiratory gunk.  Amazing how missing just one day throws me off kilter.  Going to row or something as soon as I can take a step without coughing. 
I will take a stab at it because it is something I am really struggling with right now.  The back foot banking.  Helping him get the proper extension feeling at finish instead of the reverse C back damaging finish?  Just a guess. 
Rowed for 2500 meters   DBL High Pulls 3x10 (53) Snatch R+L 3x5 (62,70) Pistols 3x3 DBL Cleans 3x3 (62s) Pull ups till fail DBL Thrusters 3x3 (53s) Farmers Lunges 3x10 (44s)   Snowboarding with kids tomorrow. 
8 rounds 32 min of total work.  On the minute, perform the following and then rest with whatever time is left before next minute starts   24 Russian swings (53) 12 pull ups 10 Burpees 20 Body Weight squats   This one was fun.  Had a friend in from out of town and he wanted a quick peek at what we were doing, I thought this was a good intro. Not much actual Kettle Bell stuff in there but still fun. 
Weighted Pull ups 4x5 (held a 18lb med ball between my feet, need a better system?) Goblet squats 4x6 62lb kb   Then :30 on :30 of rest -- 5 rounds, 25 min get the following in the 1st :30   14 Snatches R 14 Snatches L 18 High Pulls  24 Body Weight Squats 32 Grasshoppers    I used a 53 lb kb   Only missed one rep in time, challenging.
Hey, my neck of the woods!  That is my "big city" that is 90 miles away when I really need something.  Good for you, challenging weather this week for sure.   
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