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When you go fit for a driver + shaft combo, look for one that keeps your ball RPM low (around the 2000-2500 mark or lower). The shaft if paramount in terms of what your ball will do in a driver, so I would just recommend to just go get fit.
If you're weight-lifting, focus on full range of motion. Cannot stress this enough. Doesn't matter what you're doing, bench, squats, shoulder press, or curls. Don't sacrifice ROM for increased weight. Patience is key.   Yoga, especially arm binds, shoulder openers, will help free your swing immensely. Among all of the other poses that help your leg, hip, and back health, I've found that the rotator cuff and shoulder work to be most beneficial to my game.   If you're a...
Hey Claude,   I took my driver to a custom club shop for them to look at. Apparently the screw threads of the weights were beginning to break off inside the head. Normally they put rat glue inside the head to catch debris like that, however the debris on my head wasn't sticking.   When they attempted to take my toe weight off, the entire thing snapped and I was left with a screw bit stuck in my driver. They put some rat glue inside my driver and it caught the bit...
Can't make it this Saturday. Let's keep trying to get a group together every week though!
Glad to see some of us got out together! I played Sportsmans in Northbrook yesterday with some family. Would love to get out with some TST folks around the area! Tapatalking, sorry for typos and autocorrect.
I'm out in Evanston. Haven't played Schaumburg, but have played Poplar and a couple other courses out in that area. Hit me up when we're out of single digit weather :).
Welcome JSims!   Reg5000, I'm originally from Winamac! Small world!
http://www.eyelinegolf.com/products/ball-of-steel-3-pack   Might be a tool worth looking into. Gives you a heaver feedback and forces you to accelerate through the ball.
I think you're going to find your definition of consistent getting more and more difficult to maintain as you get into the sport of golf. When you first start playing, it's about hitting the ball and getting it into the air consistently. As you develop, you start getting more distance and be able to select clubs for certain lengths. Then you start working for accuracy on each strike and finally combine distance. Then you find the need to start making your ballflight...
I managed to have to ball hit a very small tree in front of me when I was younger. The trunk was smaller than the diameter of a golf ball, so I didn't think twice about hitting it. I managed to nail it straight on and had it come back and smack me in the head.
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