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Easier to play a 15 degree three wood off the deck than a thriver :). I'm super accurate off the tee with the three wood anyway. I couldn't sacrifice a bag slot for a second driver (although my dad did that for a while).   I'm shortening my 45" driver anyway. I'm not sure why I let the fitter talk me into keeping it that length, I'm 5'6" and just can't control that length with my swing. 3W is about 3 inches shorter, and I'm much more comfortable with it off the tee.
Your swing speed fits the X-flex for the driver. I swing around the same pace and my current shaft is a Xstiff, although it's generally rated in between stiff and xstiff so I took a bit off the butt and tip to stiffen it up a little.   Don't be afraid of the Xstiff if it gives you a better dispersion and accuracy while not sacrificing distance.
Could have taken the thread as a non-trollish thread until this post.   I also prefer cutting grass with a lawn mower.
I was in the same boat as you last year. Mediocre long game accuracy (had the distance), and was relying on my short game to get it up and down on almost every hole. You just can't score in the 70s doing that unless you have a lights out day getting up and down and are lucky to sink putts on the GIRs you do hit.   In short, I worked (and am still working) on my ballstriking and accuracy. You need GIRs. I bold that, because that's essentially how you will shoot in the...
I'm currently playing a 50/56/60 wedge set.   I will say however, that now that I have wedges with the right bounce, I find the need for a 60 degree wedge less and less unless I really need something to land softly on the downslope. My 56 can cover almost all pitching distances with ample backspin and bite. The 60 degree is reserved for certain finesse shots and some specific distances.
Video of your swing would help out the discussion.   Otherwise, if you really fire your hips like Rory, they better have a reverse component to them as well! :)
Girls who don't know how to swing a golf club, often don't know how to throw a ball properly either. Same with guys. Not being sexist, just saying they don't know how to engage their lower body and hips.   5 keys to simpler golf, sounds simple enough to me.
I actually took off all of the weights and shaft and tried to get the bits to fall out of the head. No dice there. Going to take it in to Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy and see what they say. Will probably just get a replacement head from TM in the end though.
Hey Guys,   My R11 from last year has some rattling bits going around inside the clubhead. It doesn't bother me when I'm swinging, but the driver doesn't sound the same anymore. It sounds like I'm hitting the ball with a hollow piece of wood rather than that high pitched crack that I normally get.   What should I do? Call TM for a replacement? Take it in somewhere to get it looked at? I'm disappointed, I only got this driver last year. Might give me an excuse to...
Were the Wishon's Graphite?   At 150 yards for a 7 iron, you should be at a regular flex. The steel shafts may be more difficult for you to torque than the Wishons.   It take some time to get used to hitting a different shaft. I would say keep them and give it time, but that's just my own opinion.
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