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I would love to meet the person who can consistently zero out the resultant path every time.
AimPoint is a method. Some people think it is THE method, especially if it works for them. If it doesn't work for you, then it doesn't.   In the posts you referenced, "THE METHOD" was never mentioned once.
I'll go solo when nobody wants to go, but sometimes you want to get out there to just work on your game without anyone there. I tend to shoot better with the pressure of someone there watching however. It makes me focus more on my swing.
I've been hitting my long irons really well lately, so I put my 3i back in the bag. I feel like I could hit a 2 or a 1, but I'll never get to test it unless I find one :). Although with the amount of swing changes I've been making lately, that long iron goodness could go away before I know it.
I'm still getting there, but so far it's a battle between what I'm doing in reality and what I feel like I'm doing. Lots of video analysis and lots of tweaking. Keeping the swing as simple as I can is important.   And lots of practice, lots of playing, and lots of work. Will begin getting myself more fit this offseason and spend more time staying in the best shape that I can be.
  Losing the ball WAS a problem for me :), and I definitely wasn't sub-10 last year when I was losing them and going OB regularly. When I figured out the magic of not taking the driver off the tee all of the time and am now striping my 3W and Hybrid down the center, things got better. I certainly need my short game, but my short game hasn't deteriorated since I've been focusing on my drives/approaches. In fact it was the opposite... my short game got better. I make more...
I agree, I think your scores and handicap plateau at some point if you over work the short game. As I was coming down to a 10 handicap I worked on my short game very hard. Why? Because I couldn't hit a fairway or green to save my life. That got me to a point where I was essentially playing bogey golf with some pars sprinkled in there. I rarely had a birdie opportunity and my ball striking was streaky, leading to plenty of OBs and lost balls.   There was a point where...
I remember someone mentioning that the lower lofts is just all technology. It's so easy to get the ball up in the air with the new tech, that they lowered the lofts to increase distance without losing height in ballflight while increasing distance. It's probably easier to get a new lower lofted 3i into the air than the higher lofted 3 of the past, but I could be wrong about that.
You should be applying to NCAA Division I golf colleges. Great schools such as University of Illinois, Stanford, UCLA, are all on that list... and most of those schools have a much better business program than anything that you listed (actually I would put my money that ALL of them have a better program). These schools have the best funding, and best coaches to pull you to the top of your golf game. Anything under that and you are just hurting your chances. Like you...
You can get last year's version of Bridgestone B330 from Golf Galaxy for like 27 bucks now. I've been stocking up.   For those companies that come out with new variants of balls every year, definitely check them out. Even Titleist sometimes drops prices of their older balls, but that's a rarer situation than Bridgestone who made sweeping changes on their ball design this year.
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