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I didn't get the book, but the Videos and MP3s was easy enough to figure it out.   My fiancee said to me "You're already have great rhythm from music performance, there's no way you're going to be happy reacting to beats. You will anticipate them." She was right. After listening and trying to sync my swing to the beats... I couldn't do it. I would always anticipate them. So instead of listening to the beats, I would ingrain the rhythm in my head and play it over and...
Graduated from college 8 months ago, now a SharePoint Developer and Consultant for the past 8 months :).
Congrats! Still waiting for my first. My mother has 2 of them, and she goes and hacks the course with us maybe 4 times a year!
P90X has a pretty good Plyometrics section for those interested. Actually if you do the whole P90X program for golf, you'll probably be in pretty damn good shape.
I really like my JPX 800 Pros (I have the Nippon 1150). I think they are great irons, I've played my friend's MX300s and they feel great as well. I get a tad more distance from the JPX 800 (5 yards approx).   I think in the end, look at how often you play. I order my clubs from DiscountDansGolf.com, you may be able to get a good price from them on JPX 800 pros, and you can get whatever factory shaft is offered by Mizuno on their website.
First Post!   I recently made the switch over to S&T (recently being about 4 days ago). I went through the book twice and started applying some of the basic principles, starting with the set-up.   It took me a while to really feel the proper "stacked" feeling. I was able to shift my weight to my left side at address, but I would lose that stacked feeling when I took the club away. To address the issue (that I had missed from the book), at set-up I would start...
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