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It depends, what does your ballflight look like? Do you fat it, thin it? What are your misses?   Ideally, you do want an in-to-in swing path. Video your swing, figure out what you're doing.
Even at 58 bucks, I find lost ProV1s and ProV1x's more often than I find any other ball on the course. I've never found a Bridgestone B330 or B330s, or even a Penta.
I don't hit the ball straight, I hit it at the hole :).
5'6" with a 33" shaft.
I agree that shaping is something that scratch golfers at least need to know how to do, along with their primary shot shape.   For an 8 handicapper like me, it's not at the forefront of my mind yet. I need to hone my stock swing to hit more fairways and more greens to put me in a better scoring position. When the time comes to shape it (dogleg left or right, stuck behind a tree, etc.) I trust my knowledge of ball flight laws to set up and aim properly to shape a shot...
My thin shots tend to be when I early extend and end up flipping at it in an attempt to deliver the clubhead to the ball. Either way, I'd rather not hit thin or fat :P.
This vid by Martin Hall is generally what I try to do with the driver. I have to fight coming in too shallow and too far from the inside. Two swings to make my game work right :).  
Yea, but to get to scratch, most people need to get their primary shot shape down before they can start shaping the ball both ways. I can normally adjust my setup to move the ball differently (luckily), but in general when I can play a draw, I play the draw.
Tiger: playing well and playing very smart golf. If he continues this consistency, I smell another major to his total. His distances seemed to be off today, otherwise his ballstriking was great and his balls were going where he wanted. His swing is coming together nicely, and that may be an indication that he's back *knocks on wood*
I always try to stretch and putt before a round. If I have plenty of time I'll hit a bucket before.   Usually if I don't hit a bucket beforehand, it takes me 4-5 holes to get in a groove. Last weekend, I started Bogey, Triple, Double, Triple then went and grabbed 6 pars, 2 birds, and 2 bogeys to end up with 81. So I have to figure out how to play without the initial warmup bucket :).
New Posts  All Forums: