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I play a stock draw for all of my shots. Come from the inside while turning hard to the left. Sometimes I zero out (or come close to) my path and angle and smack one that looks pretty dead straight, but there's still minimal movement right to left.
Less hands and arms, more core and shoulders turning.   Hip slide in conjunction with turning the core. I use my sternum as a guide and center of my swing and my relative spine position to my hips.
I used to subscribe to the whole "stiff wrist" idea, and in the end I actually ended up coming into the ball with the putter face wide open. Now I make sure that the butt of my putter is always pointing relative to my belly button throughout the whole putter swing arc, which meant that I needed to break my wrists somewhat.   For a while, I putter with only my wrists, which was effective as well. Just used my wrists to take the club back and let it fall naturally.
The Ping i20 is a wonderful feeling driver, make sure you give that a hit when Ping comes to town.
During a round, my uncle was actually hit in the head with a golf ball which resulted in a concussion and stitches; he was standing in the tee box ready to hit, the ball came from the adjacent fairway. Not only did the person not yell fore, or come and apologize, he actually ran off and left the course.
From inside deep rough, I get my hands low and push the heel of the club down. I keep this feeling through the pitch and use some speed to launch the ball up high and soft from deep rough.   From sloped downhill and uphill lies, my focus is to even out my hips. If you're standing on a hill, your hips aren't level like they are on even ground, one is either much higher or lower than the other. Drop your right foot back or move it forward to level out the hips. You...
56 Degree Wedge. Neutral setup on left, face open on right.  
The wings on my 56 were a little smudged as well, will have to clean it up later. Thanks for passing the word along!
Mine came in today, was slightly disappointed on the quality of the paint job. I'm surprised that they let this through QA.     Nothing that some light acetone and finger rubbing couldn't fix:       The set itself looks great though, review to come!
Good ballstriking first, the good lag will come.
New Posts  All Forums: