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The Pixl isn't mushy at all. You'll get a soft yet firm strike from that face. Not that easy to describe, but you get the idea. Not mushy :)
Your path comes in too far from the inside. I have this problem sometimes when I start tilting my shoulders (right shoulder goes down to the right foot) on the downswing rather than turning them. This causes my path to come way too far from the inside. I also early extend (hip thrust at the ball) when this tilt occurs.   Make sure your hips shift towards the target and not at the ball and your pelvis never thrusts at the ball. This will make it difficult for your...
I actually like the new Adidas 2.0 Clutch Stand Bag. http://shop.pgatour.com/bag/adidas/stand/clutch-2012/p_pd-1022968.aspx   I have last year's TaylorMade version of the bag, and no real complaints about it so far. I'm still waiting for THE perfect stand bag for me though. If the SM 3.5 DLX had a different divider, I would be all over that one.
Love my True Tours. Give them a shot.
  I think the set ranges from about 8 to 13 degrees of bounce. I got to pitch them off of the green which was fun to do and a good marker that the bounce was just right for me.
Got my fitting Friday for a 50, 56, 60 wedges in the nipper category with the Nippon WV125 shaft. Will post pics and overall experience when the wedges come in.
I spend time just practicing on carpet when I can't get to the greens. I find a long hallway, put a cup down or something, and then start working on distance putting from there.   I would say that only Edel can give you a true putter fitting. You could go to a place with a SAM lab and see what putter fits your stroke the most consistently, however you want a putter that you can aim properly and is also balanced properly to give you the right distance control.
Practice, practice, practice will solve your distance issues. Start from 3 ft, 6 ft, 9 ft, 12 ft, 15ft, etc etc. Putt 5 balls from each distance until you can get all of them within a foot of the hole (front and back). While accuracy is important in putting, distance is just as important in making putts and getting you into a position to make a good 2nd putt.   I'm also under the impression that a heavier weight is better for slower greens (I play an Edel Vari-Weight...
  Good to hear. I'm gaming the WV115 and I hope to find something in a similar shaft profile.   I'm pretty pumped about the fitting. My wedges weren't really "fit" unlike my other clubs, so this will complete my set. Plus I think it's awesome to be a part of something that's very new and promising.
Is there a list of shafts that we can see before going in for the fitting? There's quite a few, so I'm assuming that the list of shafts probably crosses every brand/type imaginable.
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