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Decided to get fitted down at Harborside in Chicago this weekend... looking forward to it!
Does Edel do any kind of refinishing and regrooving for wedges? Being that these are on the high price end and that I wear out wedges every 3-4 years, I would be paying a lot in the end. Or would it be something as easy as me getting a grove sharpner?
Go get a driver fitting :).
The field has caught up with Tiger. Tiger was exciting to watch when he started playing because of his length and his short game accuracy and putting. The field has caught up to Tiger in length, and Tiger's short game and putting seems to have regressed.   Not to discount what Tiger has done in the early 2000s though. Even with the explosiveness of the newer guys on Tour, I doubt they would have won the way Tiger did back then. The field now is very level in my...
I would recommend shelling the money to buy a quality travel bag. You're protecting clubs that could potentially be worth more if they break than the travel bag/case. Plus you will never need a travel case again unless something drastic changes.
Great info here, the wedges look fantastic!
Don't know if everybody NEEDS a lob wedge. If you feel that it's a part of your game that is missing, then by all means.
I enjoy watching Rory play with that happy-go-lucky attitude of his and his effortless to watch swing. I think he's a great golfer, but only time will tell if he will win as much as Tiger used to.
Club Glove Burstproof
There's one worse feeling than hitting a terrible drive. It's hitting a drive 300 yards down the middle of the fairway, then blading or chunking the subsequent approach shot.
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