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I've played with my dad's old med school friend (70+ years old), who can't drive it past 200, but is never OB or in hazards and is always pin seeking from 100 yards in. He plays in the upper 70s, low 80s all the time.
Good choice on the G20. The I20 is my current frontrunner of drivers I've hit this year. Forgiving for my swing, and feels uber soft yet solid on the face. Also very pleasant to look at from address.
True Tours are great!
It's taking all of my will-power not to. I got the R11 last year, and I'm still hitting that guy pretty well. I may wait until next season when the i20 drops in price, and also see what Ping lines up for 2013. Either way I'll get more mileage out of my current driver and eventually also get the i20 for a cheaper price or test drive the 2013 drivers.   But still, the i20 is the best driver I've hit yet. I'm going to try out their fairway woods and hybrids next.
Keeping my ballflight low, punches, stingers are my most difficult.
I'm looking very hard at this club, I've hit it in two Ping Demo days with the Project X 6.5 and have loved it. Still haven't pulled the trigger yet. The face feels soft on impact and the dispersion when I hit it was very minimal. Great club, so far the best driver I've hit all year.
You can try a longer shaft, if and only if you can still make solid contact. Otherwise I'd recommend staying with the same length and you'll get more distance just making contact with the center of the face.   Also get fit for the shaft instead of guessing for it. You'll play that shaft for a long time.
You could always soft-step a stiff shaft as well. Although the last vendor I went to told me it didn't really make a difference.   I would pick a warmer day to go swing, and see if you can handle a stiff. You should be 80-85+ to ideally go with a stiff shaft.
The Mizuno MP-53, MP-59, MP-63, and the MP-69 (blades) are their players irons. I would recommend going to a fitting (whether sponsored by Mizuno or a third-party) and hitting all of them. They also have a shaft optimizer that will help you pick the right shaft.
If you want to be creative like Phil, spend your time on the short game. Hit flops until you can get them to fly over a guy holding a chair three feet in front of you and roll back.   Also if you want to hit it further, work hard on your core and your wrist and forearm muscles as well as your legs. I'm a short guy as well (5'6", so shorter than you :)), and my power all comes from those muscles for me. I also do a lot of Yoga with my fiancee for flexibility and...
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