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Wow! That really opened my eyes up. I always used to practice that way and had gotten out of it. I was taught to go through my entire pre shot routine every shot on the range and had gotten away from that. But what are some drills and feels to start working on this?
Hmm maybe. What are some drills to ingrain this into my swing and some feels I can use to feel this. I understand what I need to do but I think Im missing something. When I make my shift to I worry about rotating anything or when do I feel the leg straighten or do I not even feel that at all? I feel like im just going to shift and not rotate and slap the ball.
I am confused, do you mean 10 as in my normal tempo or are you asking out of 10 how hard I was swinging. I did not change any speed things from the video that is uploaded it's the same speed.
I worked on this at the range today and the results were still the same. My ball started more right but still almost every shot off the toe of the club. I also caught a lot of balls thin. I did not get to take video but I will tmmrw but based off of this what could still be going on with the toe shots?
I took a look at it and it makes a lot more sense. The only question I have is that was weight distribution for an iron, is the driver the same? Thanks
I agree with the getting to the left side but tiger or anybody does not have a flexed front leg at impact. They all post up.
I did not delete them but when youtube was bought out by google it made me change my account to my google account and I did not bring any of my videos over as im not a youtuber
    I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2 years My current handicap index or average score is: 4.2 My typical ball flight is: 5 yard draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Toe hits     Videos:   (DTL)    (FO)   I am usually a pretty good ballstriker and I average around 10 greens a round and lately I just cant hit the center of the club and am consistently missing it off the toe. I take lessons but not very often and I feel like I know...
I practice 6 days a week structured
I have been working with the same instructor for about a year now and ive seen flashes of brilliance but I still have a 84 average the same as a year ago. I only average 5 greens hit a round. A friend of mine was in a similar position and went to this other instructor and it has done wonders to his game. This instructor has many of the top juniors in the area. I'm considering changing to him because I know he has a lot of good students and a good track record. Any thoughts?
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