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Been making a lot of progress I feel with my swing but now am struggling with clubface control and hitting my starting lines with consistent curve
here's fo dont know if it posted
Been working w stack and tilt instructor. Hitting a lot of heel shots just wanted to see what you guys thought of it.
In the recent months I have been working on the 5sk really hard and have looked into seeing a 5sk instructor near me. Have purchased LSW and love that too. Feel like my swing has gotten better with key 2 and 3. Currently working on key 1 and key 5. 
The dtl didnt post but here it is
It has been awhile since I have posted a swing on here and I hope I have made some progress as Im still working on the same things. Currently have a bit of a two way miss and fight toe strikes
@iacas I thought I did I entered the URL in the embed video selection. Maybe I didn't
I would like to get some thoughts on this video from somax. How much is bs and how much is true?
Took this video really feeling hip turn, but oddly enough I'm still hitting a lot of shanks and heel shots, do you see where that's coming from?
What about the early extension, it's killing my downswing
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