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sorry about the new thread, i havent been on the forums in a while.ill concentrate on what you said. My coach has told me that sometimes i dip my right shoulder, did you see anything like that in the video? 
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 6 years My current handicap index or average score is: 47 (9 hole) My typical ball flight is: slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice/ pushing pulling Videos: Sorry for the first video, there were people in front and behind so I didn't want to hit two balls to stop play. This was my best drive of the day and probably the rest of the year. The ball had a little draw (which I didn't mean to happen) and went...
hey guys. i took a look at my irons this week before the season begins and noticed some rust spots or something forming. they wre all over my six iron and i took the rough side of a sponge to it. the rust came off, but little tiny dots on the metal were left. im not sure if they are pits or something, i can not really tell. i have some pictures for you guys to look at. do you guys think it would be safe to play with this club? any danger of the shaft snapping? also i am...
callaway ft-5. 50 bucks off ebay. forgiving and it goes far
41 on 9.
apperently ccm has been working with taylormade and made a rbz hockey stick! http://www.icewarehouse.com/descpage.html?pcode=CRZS
i was playing last week as a three some behind a foursome. we went out about 2 holes behind them. by the time we got to the third hole we had caught up to them, and we realized the problem. each person took about 8 practice swings, rested a couple in between each swing, and since they werent that good they would hit 3 balls per shot. we gritted our teeth and stuck with it. anyways we got fed up by the 10th and just went to the next hole. anyways what i say is 1 or 2...
yeah, some of those recenty took over my neighbors lawn last summer. they burrowed into the ground near the side walks and would like catch the cicadas and drag them under ground. my neighbor showed me 2 dead ones, and they reminded me of those japanese giant hornets exept less agressive
yeah i was just playing a casual round, so i didnt feel like getting stung. i picked up the ball and left the bunker so i wouldnt disturb any bees inder the sand in fear of being stung. so during match play would i be penalized for this, even though i was in the vicinity of sand wasps in the bunker? there was no other bunker to drop in and the hole bunker was filled with these things
Hey guys. i was playing a round today and i noticed all of the bunkers are filled with wasps flying around. i can see the holes where they burrow in, and i hit a shot into there by accident. i slowly moved into the bunker, retrieved my ball, and got out of their. i play on my highschool team, and i was wondering what the ruling on this would be. i remember something about there being free relief if the golfer is put into harms way, but i dont remember it fully. also i...
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